I want to know everything about LD Supplements

LDS = Lucid Dream Supplement

I want to use these to boost my chance of having an LD. The problem is, I can’t buy any herbs like african dream-root, or vitamin supplements. What I need are common LDS’s, like tea or cheese. But that leads to other questions: what kind of tea? when should I take the tea?
So could someone give me more everyday foods that help boost LD’s, and info about them? (what type/when I should take the supplement)

Please fill in these forms for each LDS:

LDS: (what the LDS is called. ex: ‘green tea’)
When: (when the LDS should be taken, ex: 'throughout the day, and then just before you go to bed)
How it helps: (what is the acting ‘thing’ in the LDS, and how does it help boost LD’s?)
Efficiency: (has it worked for you? how well?)
Other: (if you want to give a bit more info, then write it here)

I need info about these LDS’s:

  • Cheese (btw, what type is better?)
  • Tea
  • Bananas

My favorite:
Dark chocolate.
Within an hour of sleep.
I forget… :tongue:
Besides being delicious (especially 70 or 80%- yum… :razz: ) I noticed that my dreams are more vivid and have a slightly better chance of being LDs.
Based on your name, you might want to try this.

Hope it helps! :wink:

do a search, there have been discussions about this already too

from the top of my head:
mint tea
st johns worth tea

(don’ t know if I have them all right, so don’ t pin me down on that :wink:

LDS: Atremisia Vulgaris (mugwort)
When: Drink a tea made from leaves,before you go to sleep
How it helps: More vidid dreams,Boosts colors in dreams
Efficiency: Yes, it has really helped me with DR, more vivid=better DR
Other: Common Invasive Weed in US, can be found virtually anywhere in the world.
"Mugwort has a long history of use in herbal medicine especially in matters connected to the digestive system, menstrual complaints and the treatment of worms[238]. It is slightly toxic, however, and should never be used by pregnant women, especially in their first trimester, since it can cause a miscarriage[7, 238]. Large, prolonged dosage can damage the nervous system[268]. "

If I could ever get teamaking down, I could see if my teas help…
IF i ever get it down… :sad:

Ive heard pistasio nuts are good allso.

Bananas. The one and only, tried and tested, all-around dream booster.

Why: loads of vitamin B6, and a few other things besides. Stimulates various parts of your brain to the point that eating one banana every night before sleep is assured to make your dreaming become deeper, more vivid, and more remarkable. Try now and tell me if I’m exaggerating this even a bit!

[title]The infallible lucid dreaming elixir[/title]

Artemisia vulgaris will increase alertness and vividness, but alone will make your dream a little too shallow and unstable. You need to compensate this by deepening your sleep with some other herb. (Passion flower will do the job).

On the subject of a, let’s put it this way, infallible lucid dreaming elixir… I suppose one could achieve maximum result from the right blend of herbs.

For awareness, vividness and that nap-like alertness, I’d add a little (I repeat: a little) Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) or an even smaller quantity of Artemisia absinthium (Wormwood). A more affordable option (albeit less effective) would be to find a white or green variety of Camellia sinensis (Chinese tea herb). But my bet would be to mix very, very little Artemisia sp. with a little Salvia officinalis (kitchen sage).

Having gotten you aware, it’s time to add depth and relaxation to your sleep (better yet if, in the process, we manage to boost your memory a little). Your best bet is Passiflora alata (that’s a variety of passion fruit), alone. It’s relaxing power is unmatched in nature, it’ll boost your memory, give your tea a most pleasant fragrance and not disturb the workings of the Artemisia/Salvia combo.

Lacking Passiflora alata, the second best choice for depth would be yet another mix. Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) will be great help, especially if you manage to get a hold of its roots. The tea won’t smell as good, but hell, it’s a potent herb in many ways. Mix it with Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) for an all-around soothing of the mind. With these two blended right, you’ll sleep like a baby and it’ll be the least stressed you’ve felt in a long while.

So there you have it: Artemisia sp., Salvia officinalis and Passiflora alata. Or else: Artemisia sp., Salvia officinalis, Valeriana officinalis (roots), and Melissa officinalis. Have a blast. To learn a bit more about blending, brewing and whatnot, feel free to post questions here, or to send me a PM. :wink:

Nota bene: all herbs here, being natural stuff and all, have all kinds of substances which yield all kinds of side effects on certain people, or at certain doses. In particular, both varieties of Artemisia sp. here presented, as well as sage, have convulsive properties if you take too much of them (at once or overtime). So if you don’t know where to look for this kind of information, and you don’t know the basics of brewing, and you can’t be bothered reading a couple books on the subject, either trust someone else to blend your teas or go back to chamomile and hot chocolate.

I find the use of Valerian, Ashwaganda (withania somnifera) and Gotu Kola (hydrocotyle asiatica) to be most beneficial to dream recall and vividness.

Gotu Kola, or Pennywort, is a fantastic dreaming aid (In India it is sometimes referred to as bramhi, the herb of enlightenment.) I tend to blend it into various infusions depending on what I am in the mood for, be it chamomile or spearmint or whatever. With the ashwaganda and the valerian, however, you’ll want something to mask the fairly strong and not entirely pleasant tastes. Cinnamon and nutmeg will do the trick, and nutmeg of course may have it’s own benefits on dream recall and lucidity, although I’m not certain that they have been proven yet.

Bruno’s NB applies here as well of course, all herbs with medicinal properties should be fully researched before they are tried out. A lot of people seem to feel that herbs can’t have any side effects because they are natural, however, it is worth remembering that natural =/= safe.

Happy dreaming.

valerian should be available at your local grocery or health store

vitamin b6 is also known to boost the vividness of dreams. i had more luck with this than i did with valerian or melatonin.

regarding brunos post a. vulgaris is a traditional dream aid but if you cannot source this material salvia officinalis is a decent substitute. this is just plain cooking sage.

lemon balm(m officinalis) is an interesting one. there are legends of various cultures using the oils ritualistically. a person who is dying may smell these oils to aid transition to the spirit world. i knew a person on a now defunct forum that claimed to get strong psychoactive effects simply by inhaling the vapors exuded from a small vial of the plants essential oils. i dont know what kind of effect it would have upon dreams though.

but the drawback ive found with using any kind of psychoactive substance for dreams is while they are more vivid and wild they are harder to follow and much less lucid, and i dont mean lucid as in LD’s, i mean it as in clarity of headspace. everything is murky and surreal, even harder to follow than a regular dream.

and the items that do not have this effect have so little effect that its almost impossible to tell if they actually did anything or not.

the BEST external force i have found for enhancing the vividness of your dreams is to sleep in high altitude conditions, in the cold. being on the ground helps too. just pay attention next time you go camping. the dreams i have in the mountians @ 10,000 feet are unparalleled. amazing vividness and ability to remember them

Daniel! I had never thought of that! Amazingly enough, whenever I need some time off to meditate and focus, I go on retreat up the mountains, where it’s higher, and colder. The relative loneliness of course helps, but I had never really thought about why this kind of isolation, as opposed to so many others, seems to work so powerfully for me. Ha, what do you know!

NO SUPPLEMENTS. If you ingest something it needs to be all natural from an all natrual, nature occuring, source. Green vegetables, fruit, teas, herbs. HUman kind evolved off the inante perfection of the world. On a side note, humans are doing alot more harm than good as far as technological advancement or evolution go. No pills. I suggest before even trying this route you take a good long lok at your subconcious. Looking through dream signs and see when needs to be worked on to increase Lucidity. Your dreams are a message from a deeper “you”. Cleaning your mind can do more wond3rs than increase lucidity. I find tying Dreams into real life waking world philosophy help me Dream better. Find your personal reason for trying Lucidity in the first place.


To Wond3rland and any who also takes his rule of thumb for granted:

The definition of what’s natural and what’s synthetic is impossible. At any rate, it’s unnecessary, because for any given substance, danger lies in the dosage, not the source. There are substances for which no humanely reachable level of intake is toxic: some B-complex supplement pills, for instance; with others, the toxicity level is at some preposterously large intake: death by water, for instance, can only be achieved by taking about 6 litres of water at once.

Some substances start presenting ever more vicious side effects at small changes in dosage: many varieties of Artemisia sp. and Salvia sp., including the ones mentioned in this topic, induce seizures if you take too much of them at a time, or over time. What’s worse: the definition of “too much” in this case depends on your body mass, the method of intake and many other variables.

At any rate, I don’t think drinking tea or popping pills or whatever and then just waiting will assure you of any given effect. Let’s face it: as far as lucid dreaming goes, changing your nutrition is not even half the job. It’s like buying running shoes and expecting them to do the running for you. But inasmuch as what you’re doing is just that: tweaking your nutrition, not intoxicating yourself… then what you’re doing is essentially all you’ve got, not just in lucid dreaming, but in Life: realising what few variables you can ever so slightly optimise, and working from there.

We already have so little control over everything, why not realise that sleeping at the mountaintop, in the cold, close to the ground, after having this tea, and that fruit, and popping that vitamin complex, might actually aid you in your spiritual journey? What is the problem with trying to fine tune yourself with your own nature? Actual cunning, not rules of thumb such as “natural equals safe, synthetic equals toxic” will lead you to a more wholesome life, and if your horizon is wholesomeness, peace of mind and body, then how can that ever be morally questionable?

I say go B-complex supplement pills, and go bananas, and go dancing and chanting, and go whatever it is that floats your boat. Follow your law; read the nutrition facts; study the facts before you follow the proverbs: that’s my bottom line.