I want to learn to meditate...

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, so I’m glad I’m finally getting around to it. Over time, I’ve read or heard a lot about meditation, on this forum and elsewhere. It seems to be one of the best things you can do for yourself in waking life, so I’d like to take it up. My problem is that, although I’ve heard a lot about it, I’ve never actually heard any techniques for doing it, so I basically don’t know how.

Can all you meditators out there tell me how it’s done?

Thats a VERY broad question. Theres so many different ways to do it, and for so many different reasons. And it would take a while to explain it properly. Just have a search on the net, theres plenty of websites about it, with more than enough information for you.

Thats so true Jabbervoch. There are so many types of meditation. From my personal experience I read up on heaps of different meditation techniques and slowly formed my own. Also as I read more my own meditation evolves and becomes more suited to myself.

I prefere zen meditation: www.gnofn.org/~aza/zazen.html

yeah, i agree with jabbervock and z

but shift, you impress me as a person that likes to do stuff (i’m saying this because of your thread where i told you to try not trying :smile:)

not to say that zen meditation isn’t valid and rewarding, but it has always been a lil too passive for my tastes

i think you would enjoy meditation, but i think an active form of meditation would keep your interest longer (i should know, i’m the same way). if you’ve got 20 bucks to spend, check out “taoist yoga and sexual energy” by eric steven yudelove

if you’re slightly poorer and are willing to generalize the definition of the word “meditation” i think you would also like “the multi-orgasmic man” by mantak chia. that book teaches you more than just how to orgasm w/o ejaculating, i’d call it a powerful meditative practice

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not really that interested in sexual meditation. You’re right, though, I do like to do stuff, and a more active meditation practice would be great. I’ve been thinking about doing Yoga; my mom did it for a while and really liked it.

the first book i suggested really doesn’t have a sexual theme (despite “sexual energy” being in the title)

yoga’s cool i have a friend that is always trying to get me to try it.

For me, I usually combine WILD technique to get myself in a deeper trance and then let whatever happen. :smile: One time I rediscovered (reinvented) Monroe’s method of Focus 10 to Focus 1 when I tried to get energy for my next class. :wink: It worked pretty good for recovering some energy. Try it. :grin:

Anyways, basically, you just need to know the basic of breathing technique and some basic postures (mainly, make sure your back is straight) and then you’re ready. Just get in your position and start to breathe deeply and slowly while you allow your thoughts to pass (do not force it away or get involved with it). Be open to what you see… it might be vague or vivid, depending on the condition.

Hopefully it was helpful? :wiske:

The passivity is the idea of zen meditation. I’ve done it 10 months now and I can say that with time it is, well, nice. When you get into the deep states of zen meditation it is like nothing you’ve experienced before. I can’t describe it, but it isn’t like ordinary trance state.

Yeah, zen is sooo boring, but that is exactly the point:

What an interesting point! I have to agree because I have noticed that most of my personal growth happens when it looks boring, but it is worth everything beyond my desire. Hopefully, you can open your eyes and actually look. You’ll see that you have important moment that is here and passes fast. You cannot have this moment again… enjoy it right now.


Dead, BrainHacker… interesting points from both of you…

i’ve been sitting here writing and erasing for a while. i was trying to explain why preferred active meditations over zen, but nothing i wrote seemed to express the idea coherently.

your points are valid, but at the same time i disagree… to an extent anyway. zen just doesn’t do it for me.

shrug same goal, different path


Here is the technique I use.

Begin by sitting in a full or half lotus, or in a high backed chair with your feet flat on the ground, even flat on your back is ok, whatever position is comfortable as long as you keep your back straight.

Place your hands palms up on your thighs (lotus or chair) or by your sides (if on back) with the thumb and index finger touching lightly to form a loose circle.

Breathe deeply and slowly, in through the nose out through the mouth.

Close your eyes.

See the color red in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision an apple.


See the color orange in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision a orange.


See the color yellow in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision a banana.


See the color green in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision a green plant.


See the color blue in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision the sky.


See the color purple in your minds eye, vividly. If you have trouble, envision a plum.

Do not worry about indigo.

Remember to go slowly, and see each color clearly.

At this point you will be in a deep meditative state, allow your thoughts to gently rise, but do not hold onto or dwell upon them.

Gently begin to follow your stream of thoughts down, down, down to where they originate, do not be frightened by the roaring in your ears or the shaking of your body, this will soon cease.

You will find the place you arrive at very interesting, trust me. :tongue:

I 've found meditation to be a great tool for increasing the chances of having LD’s. I learnt to meditate form the TM movement, and while I have no time for the movement itself nowadays, I still find the technique works a treat for me. It’s just your basic mantra technique, mentally repeating/hearing a word, which in the case of TM are apparently the names of Gods or something.
I definitely find that over a period when I meditate more frequently, I tend to have more LD’s. Yesterday, I had a neditate in the afternoon, and had a low level LD when I dropped off during relaxation. I once had a great LD when I woke up in the middle of the night and had a meditate in bed before falling aslleep again.
good luck