I want to use lucid dreams to get better socially. Possible?

Yes. Can I use lucid dreaming to get better socially? Now I’m very nervous around people (especially girls) and I thought lucid dreaming could help with that.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to learn to have lucid dreams like every night and practice every night on being better socially (and having fun in the dreams too). Or will it takes many years before I have LDs often enough to be able to actually use it for personal growth?

Yes you can. You can imagine the whole room of girls and then talk to them, they can even be naked! :tongue:

Of course it is!

That depends on you, your dedication and willingness! Also, you don’t need to be lucid every night to practice social skills. I believe some improvement you can get even from non-lucid dreams. Don’t worry on how much time you’ll need to achieve lucidity, rather put that effort in actually becoming lucid.


I’m wondering because if it’s going to take years to actually become good enough to be able to do use it as a tool, and not just for fun, it’s not gonna feel motivating to start.

But on the other hand… I can still learn it because it’s fun :wink:

Did you ever had LD? I mean decent LD?!

If you had then that should be your motivation… I mean it’s great. Read other ppls DJ and see what they can and what they achieve. If you didn’t I guarantee you that it’s going to be mind blowing!

It may be that you achieve your goal: speaking with girls without being nervous, even in one of the first LD or like I said even in NLD.

Which will prof the power of dreams and their potential… So I would advice you try get a few LD and if you don’t like it you can easily drop the whole thing…

Good luck!

Nope… I’ve never had a LD, that I remember. I think I’ve been quite close a few times though. But they have been short and non-vivid.

Right now I can’t even remember dreams, so I have a lot to work on.

But I think I should be able to get motivated enough to try to learn it.

Ok, I had a problem too with DR lately but I’ve manage to build it again.

There’s a lot truth in what other dreamers are telling about DR. You have to record everything. No matter if it’s a line or 5 pages. Record it. Also this should help.

I’ve noticed that wanting to remember dreams and being happy just to have and remember dreams is the greater help that you can get. So keep DJ and you need to wish to remember your dreams, or in another words you need motivation.

Yes. I think dream recall is the first and only thing I will try to get good at :smile:

Do you have a lot of LDs, and have you been practicing for a long time?

Alcohol helps too :shy:

TRUE! I remember that I had few LD after I was drinking. I wasn’t drunk but I just started to feel alcohol.

In a year I had 32 LD. I’m satisfied with the result. Because there are many variables in achieving LD not only what you can learn…

It’s important to feel satisfied with what have you done. Sometimes a little break can do a much…

Is 32 considered much in a year? Have you been doing this for long?

It doesn’t feel like 32 LDs in a year could help me with other than just having fun when having the LDs. If I’m going to use it as a tool I should be able to have more often, or am I wrong?

I mean if I only have them once a month I’d probably want to have fun in them rather than “wasting” (on useful stuff of course) them.

If your just looking at numbers as numbers then not, but if your looking at the number as all the effort that is put in achieving that then it is enough, at least for me. Some dreamers here are lucid every night in every dream…

I believe that lucid dreaming is very good if you’re using them for fun, but even better if you’re using them for self improvement[like yourself], but nothing is achievable over night…

Yes, but if you are lucky you’ll maybe resolve your problem in few LD not in 100. And you would be surprised how much you can achieve in only one decent LD! :content:

Sure you could learn a lot about stuff in a LD, but honestly this is something you’ll probably have to practice at in WL. Because in LDs expectations are your reality, so you could be the suavest, sexiest cool cat in the world, but that doesn’t change anything in real life. I suppose it could give you more confidence though.

And as WASD said:

I think he meant this as a tip for WL, not LDing. I know because i consider myself an introvert too, and my problem is i’m always second guessing myself. Well, alcohol lowers your inhibitions :cool: (for better or worse). Just relax.

Sure it can help a little, but I have doubts it will help a lot. The key to lucid dreaming is being aware it’s all a dream. And when you’re aware that it’s all a dream, there is nothing to be nervous about, because nothing you say or do can make you feel ashamed, because nobody will know. So it’s just not as realistic as WL.

Do you mean that I may not be nervous around girls in the LDs? I kind of realize in what way it may be so, because if I know it’s a dream I may not care about things I care about IRL. But still, if I practice in the dream I might get the same feeling of not being nervous when I try IRL?

Well… alcohol does help IRL, but that’s not what this topic is about :wink:

Yeah I meant that alcohol makes you more social IRL. I recommend it both IRL in dreams. Make sure only to use reasonable amounts IRL.

Oh, ok. Now we covered 2 grounds! :grin: xD