i want to

i have always wanted to see a girl i like ALOT in a dream or realf i havent evr tryed this but i will i want my dream to be about me seeing her naked or goin out to gether because i love her so but cant get the nevr to ask her out

Lol justin, what’s wrong with your keyboard, and who do you like?

i don`t want to say who(alot of people might not and thats ok i think)and my key board i am not sure! anyway i am still making another post about his but thats not ill later i just want to know how to dream i have not done that in a long time somebody plese help i have msn and e-mail justinchant15@hotmail.com

It might work to imagine the scene you want before falling asleep. Imagine the place you will meet, and maybe imagine a door you will find her behind. If you do this, you might get a dream about the same scene.

Do you usually remember your dreams? If she is enough in your mind during the day, there is a good chance you will dream about her quite often :cool:

If he switched the scene around a little, he could get a VILD! :cool_laugh:

:wave: Welcome btw.

Hi justin15!

As Siiw says, you can practice autosuggestion techniques in order to induce this dream. In your bed, you relax and before you fall asleep, you imagine repetitively a scene in which you meet her, or you repeat : "this night, I’ll meet ". (Replace with her name :content: ).

Of course, you have to improve your dream recall before, or else you will perhaps forget your dreams. [/url]