I was a bird :D

Tonight, in a rather low lucid LD, I was a bird (a raven or something like that). I didn’t choose to be a bird, I just happened cause it was a low level LD.

The funny thing: I was flying with other birds and at a moment my wing hit another bird’s wing and I felt it in my feathers. It was very curious. :happy:

Have you had such experiences when you felt something with a sense you don’t have in reality?

Yep. Last night I was in a low level LD where I was a snake (An anaconda I think.). I could actually smell with my tongue!

Wow these seem really awesome I wish i had one like that =D… maybe i’ll have one soon… the closest i have came to being a bird was seeing one in a dream.

The raven form reminded me of a part from Teachings of Don Juan by Castaneda (the bird was a crow)…

(and now on-topic)
I’ve felt ghost-like before and there wasn’t any sort of sensation when I went through things and there was this strange cool ‘airy’ feeling. Then there were a few dreams when I was in the form of another person and I had a different hair style, gender, etc that affected how I saw things around me or continued along in the dream.

This really makes me want to practice changing form in lucid dreams; the only time I even attempted to do that was in the first lucid dream that I had, but I never thought of it afterwards.

As for feeling something that I have ever felt in reality, I would have to say that the closest that I’ve ever gotten to that were the few dreams in which I had a penis. :eh: That’s really about it, I have no exciting lucid dream stories to tell you all tonight. :tongue:

Oh, by the way, all of those dreams were normal dreams, and yet somehow I didn’t take a hint. :roll:

When I read “i was a bird” i thought about how I want to try that… But now I just want to try getting strage senseorgans and experiences. Like. Being a single cell creature, octopus, bat(sonar). Or even stranger. being a soundwave.
I’m inspired.

Anyway, it’s great to be a bird cause you have no problem to fly! :happy:

How did you fly? Did you have to concentrate on the motion or has it all went automatically?

No, it went automatically. By the way, I remember another LD in which I was a Skeksis (from the movie The Dark Crystal) and I could fly without thinking about too. It was also a low level LD.