Last night, i was trying to get an LD by doing a MILD.
Eventually, i fell asleep after that …
I woke up at 4AM, then went back to bed at 9:30AM.
I was practicing a MILD again, and had some SP. More than
a few hours passed by. I wake up and it was 2:30pm-- i got really
angry because I told my family to wake me up at 11:30.
They all told me they did whatever they can to wake me, such as
shaking me, screaming in my ear, hitting me, and putting my phone
ringtone next to my ear. My sister said I didn’t even change positions :eek:
Usually – No, ALWAYS, I would wake up to the littlest of distractions,
but this time, my mom said I was pretty much dead.
In my point of view, I was freaking out at my family because I never knew
I was sleeping!! My eyes felt completely awake the whole time, … except
just closed, and a bit of SP.
Does this have to do with anything like REM or deep sleeping?
This has never ever ever happened before.
lol I know it sounds kinda stupid or pointless to ask, but I’m just very curious
because I swear I was totally aware that I was awake! :confused: :sad:

Have you tried WILD yet? If you do, you’ll find that your idea of time is simply worthless. What feels like minutes might be a couple of hours, or the other way around. It’s not outside the boundaries of possibility, with such a volatile phenomenon such as dreaming, that you actually dreamt about lying there with your eyes shut :razz:

I suggest you give it a try, actually. If you can make yourself fall in to such a deep sleep every time, start imagining elements of the dream world you’d like to visit.

yes I have tried WILD, but I’m not very good at it -.-’
usually I end up falling asleep or just having a normal/pre-lucid dream.
Minutes=couple of hours, yeah that`s exactly how it felt like.
I thought it was only half an hour which what seemed to be 5 hours :eek:
I probably was dreaming about lying there with my eyes shut>.< completely
unable to feel anything :bored:

so I should just imagine, while I’m doing WILD or some other technique, the dream area I’d want to be in?
That makes more sense lol, I thought that I would just end up in some random
dream and so on =p
Thanks Jack :smile:

THAT IS SO WEIRD for me its the opposite minuets seem like hours but thier not and i get woken up when i want to be woken up its kinda like i know im dreaming subconsiosly because i close my eyes tight and i wake up

you made me scared of trying ld’s :open_mouth:

/me smiles.
There is nothing to be scared of. It’s one of the times when you have control. SP’s and other effects are just part of a process. Not everybody gets them either; I’ve had goodness knows how many lucid dreams and not once have I ever had sleep paralysis or HI.

You’ve got to roll with the river, make the most of this wonderful life, and relax, que sera sera as such.
I know sometimes its hard to see but, it’s often a case of your sunshine is only being hidden by your own cloud… :content:

hm… not sure yet^^

have to go to school tomorrow (we’re writing a class test) and i dont want to wake up in the afternoon, having my family around who thought that i was dead ! :meh:

I am a little unsure what you are saying here. The way I understood what you are saying was that. You tried to MILD and felt some SP, eventually falling asleep. You woke up much later at 2:30pm and found out that your family had tried to wake you, but couldn’t.

From reading your post I feel that it is unlikely to be related to LDing. I think it is more likely that the person who tried to wake you, has exaggerated a little how hard they tried to wake you.

If you are short on sleep it could explain why you were sleeping more heavily. By the sounds of when you were sleeping, it sounds to me that your sleep cycles may be a little off too, I found that I was tired when my sleep cycles were off, I also slept at odd times and for strange amounts of time.

I do not believe it can, and I have never heard of LDing causing this before.

If they really thought he was dead, I expect they would have done more than leave the person to sleep. :wink:
And as I said earlier the person says they woke up at 4am and went back to bed at 9:30am, to me, this indicates an abnormal sleep cycle. I believe this is the reason for waking up in the afternoon. I wouldn’t worry that LDing might cause you to suddenly wake up in the afternoon, as far as I am aware, LDing has no effect on sleep times.

soooorry >.<;
really though, I don’t think having LD’s are something to be scared about.
And my family didn’t really think I was dead ! It was just an expression
since I usually wake up very easily, so it’s all good. xP

Yeap you got what I was saying. Tried a MILD, got some SP and dozed off for
a while, and my fam couldn’t wake me.
Hehe I knew someone would say something that it is unlikely to be related to LDing.
Unless I knew I had some problem >.>~ Anyways, I’m not really short on sleep actually …
My usual sleep range every day is from 7 and a half to 8 hours, weekends
are like 10-12 xD. But maybe my sleep cycle is
little off. The “quiet phase” seemed a bit exaggerated, keeping me dead-inactive
when my family tried waking me up lol =p

I’m a girl by the way :wiske: ;;