i was wondering...

i was wondering, 1:how does a rubix cube work? could you get me a picture of the inside of one? you see i am trying to build one out of k’nex although i do not know how the bit in the middle works
2:if you make your own website how do you make those little alert boxes keep popping up like on www.mostannoyingwebpage.com

Karl i think if u really try hard u can find a blue print of a rubic cube on the net!

else ehm they are still made…email a toy factory that makes them!


Here is a great site for what you want:

Solving rubik’s cube:

Rubik’s cube FAQ:

Home page:

Have a game online:

As for your second request, you need to know Java Script. Luckly for you, I know it very basiclly, but anough to do this:


Hello user

Hello user


Just keep using that alert function afterwards.

thanks guys!