I WENT LUCID! .. I think.

It is very blurry writing it now, was a few weeks ago.
I found out i was in a dream, then i just suddenly started flying.
'Twas amazing :cool: .

Congrats Adderad, your first LD! :content: I’m sure lots more are to come.
Did you remember it just today, or you waited to post it here?

I didn’t have internet.
I can’t wait until i experience those people who wake up after LD’s, then sleep and LD and so on.
Amazing :smile:.
I started to not to more research but just think “Im dreaming, im dreaming” in my head.
Think i’ll be a bit more active now.

Congratulations adderad on flying :cool: its not many people managing to do that in their first LD :tongue:

/me pokes tosxy to look closer to adderads post, it says he dreamt the LD a few weeks ago. Otherwise I dont know why he added weeks ago on post :shrug:

Lol :razz:.
I will try to be as active as tosxy or you, it will help the community, and help me getting more LD’s.

One night I was flying like in the matrix mode, but I don’t think it was LD, because I couldn’t control anything else. Only my own "hero :tongue: "