I wonder if it's possible..

Well, I haven’t been to the forums for a while, because I’ve just been through a move from Washington, USA (North West corner) to Florida, USA (South East Corner).
Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with LD’ing still, and recently a question came into mind.
I’ve been thinking about the human mind, how it’s capable of so many things… But are you capable of imagining a color that you have never seen? As soon as I thought of this, I realized it was impossible to do it awake.
But I wonder if it’s possible to see a color you’ve never seen in a dream? What do you guys think?
Feedback would be appreciated.

I Do not think that it is possible. Colors are a specific wavelengths of light. Its not like people in labs “discover” new colors. They may not all have exact names(at least I think they don’t) but you can specify which one by giving the RGB numbers(ex R:0 G:0 B:0 is white and R:255 G:255 B:255 is black) or by the wavelength(ex about 650 nm is red) which is probably more scientific and accurate. Anything else out of the range of 400 nm to 700 nm is not visible by the human eye(ex ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, radio waves etc). If you want to see all the colors you can open up an image editing or drawing software and go to the color spectrum thingy.

Some animals have a different range of wavelengths that they can see. What i wonder is if they would just see the same colours but expanded along their range. like if they had 2x the range of us would they see the same colours that we see except spread out over that range or would they have 2x the amount of colours as well?
Also, sometimes i wonder if people even see the same colours as each other. Like if what they see is actually my red replacing their blue but it looks normal to them because they have grown up with it.
For most people i think we all see the same because we can compare the contrast between different colours and it is similar.
I don’t think that the human mind could willfully come up with a new colour, but i don’t see why a new colour can’t be observed. If a blind person suddenly had their eyesight restored in a room that was totally blue would they be aware of other colours?

I think it is possible,
Mtoker, keep in mind that we dont use our human eyes during dreams:)

The easiest way to figure this out would be to ask someone born blind if he can see colors in his dreams…

We do still use the same visual cortex though :wink:

I’ve heard account of people who are blind dream only of colours, like, patterns and things like that, kind of like HI, typically because they lost their vision at a young age. I’ve never heard of someone who was blind from birth dreaming of colours…but they would still dream. Maybe they would dream about sounds and touch and taste or something?

I think its possible in some way. Some colors, like blue or purple are never very saturated in natural landscapes. So that if we see a very saturated color, it will be a color that has been never seen.

I don’t think its possible unless you can actually imagine seeing a new colour. I can’t. :sad:

That would be hard, as this person would not even know what a colour is or even what eyesight is. If a person is born completly blind, then i doubt they would even be able to see in their dreams. What we are able to see in dreams are mostly constructed from memories. A blind person like that will just not have anything to extract information from.

It would be a whole different case with people who lost their eyesight later in life.

people born blind don’t dream in picture form, because they have never known it. people who have been blind since 5-7 usually only dream in a blur of color and odd shapes, and people who become blind much later in life will have full range of vision.

I looked this up a while ago, kind of disappointing if you ask me :sad:

Its the eye which can see a range of colours- so it is possibile to see new colours in dreams because its the mind that sees them.
For example- you will not be able what colour is it in dark room.Or at night.In dreams you can see whole new range of colours- i.e dark blue at night because it does not go under specific rules our eye see colours.
It still valid if you believe that dreams are only made from past memories- sight you experience can be a mix of colours and shades that you have never really seen in your waking life.
Different thing with “brand new” colours- all comes down to imagination.You can see it if you can imagine it.

Thank you all for your replies. I would think that it would be possible to see colors in our dreams, for, as stranger said, we don’t see with our real eyes during our dreams. We are also limited by our eyes to see certain colors.
Now that most of you have explained it thoroughly, I belive that seeing a color you have never seen before would be rather hard for most. I’m not going to say that nobody can do it, because I haven’t even ever tested this out. But I still belive it would be pretty amazing.

Actually eyes never see. They relay a signal to our brain, which relays it to our consicousness. During dreams, we use a different tool to become aware of visuals, our dream eyes. But dream eyes are, just as physical eyes, hard-wired to our brain (primary and secondary visual cortex), so in the end it doesn’t matter wether we use dream or real eyes! You can never “invent” totall new colors, but ofcourse in dreams you are free to play around with shades, depth, saturation and whatnot, creating totally “new” color experiences.

well, i have seen colors in dreams that are impossible to recreate exactly in waking life. Colors seem to be more light, more vibrant. That’s why i talk often about ‘goldish light brown’ or ‘whitish blue’ when i try to describe the color something has.

it is an interesting idea though, i’ll try and see colors on purpose in my next LD :smile:

i agree with mystic’s point about the saturation and such. Although i find it sometimes a loss that the colors i see and experience aren’t there in waking life.