I wouldn't say Holy Grail...but its pretty nice so far

My whole LD world has been radically changed after seeing a topic at DreamViews. It’s about keeping an anchor to consciousness as you fall asleep. Similar idea’s have been thrown around, but this dude really kinda perfected it, and the reason it works.
Every night now I just put my legs in an uncomfortable position, and on warm nights I use loads of blankets. I just keep it in the back of my mind as I fall asleep, and so far its worked pretty well. I’ve been working at it for like a month (on and off) and already had like 3 LD’s I think, which is pretty good for me.
Sorry if this has been posted (most likely) but I’m really tired, and I really wanted people to see this, as it changed my LD world so much.

Well ty!
Im back at trying to lucid dream and this can relly help me :happy:

Yeah, BillyBob sure knows his job :smile: It’s surely one of the best guides about WILD to follow on DV.

I’m going to try this, too. It is less complicated than the other WILD technics, and perfect for a newbie like me. And it is really logical, you can believe in it rather than in some other methods. Thanks for the great link^^