Ibuprofen (Ibumax)

Anyone noticed any improvement on LD’s in nights after taking it?

The story is following. It’s friday again and for a 4th time i see LD today morning. I used to have beer every thursday recently, so no wonder why i had LD’s this month in fridays (unfortunately only fridays this month). Now, i did not had any beer, or anything similar yesterday evening. Instead i got cold, and i needed to take Ibuprofen today early morning. And when i went to sleep after that it took half an hour and i had LD. All the night i saw weird “flu dreams”, and now after only 4.5hours of sleeping i have brilliant clear LD!

So i wonder does Ibuprofen contains some stuff that increases the chance of having LD?

Ill give it a try, it might work for a LDer.

No, no. I did not made this thread for any healthy person to try out drugs what are prescribed for sick. Just get sick before you try it out :grin:

Honestly, i don’t suggest to take it, if you aren’t sick.

Your not talking about Ibuprofen, the over the countier medication?

hhhmmm intersting proposition, ill try it :grin:

We are talking about the OTC medication right?? or is this prescribed???

I talk about it, yes. But it’s still for the cases of cold, or head-ache, pain, etc. If you start to take it regularly i don’t think it will do good for your health.

I don’t know what OTC stands for in English. But you can get it without prescription. It’s only written there, that regular use is allowed by the prescription of doctor.[/u]

I had a most fascinating night of very meaningful dreams after taking 600mg of it. There also was one nightmare but that triggered a lucid dream then…
However, I had good reason to use it (I really had a lot of pain) and I also used the Bach Flower “Five Flower Rescue Remedy” … so I cannot say for sure which one improved it.
But dont take it for fun, it’s not too good for your liver…
Anyway, I tried it after that, but could not really recreate the experience. Just had a terrible night…

Be careful. Ibuprofen intoxications are more and more common. Dose should not exceed 1,200 mg per day. Over this dose, it can be dangerous.

Hmm, maybe i should try this, I have the flu right now, you nexer know it could work. =/

heheh, this is weird, i had my very first glimpse of lucidity last night wich caused me to review this board again.
And now i find this thread and it all falls into place.

Im having a bad flu and i have been taking Ibuproven over the last couple of days and yesterday a couple of hours before going to bed.

So perhaps it can help getting lucid, i’ll be trying it again tonight.

Im not used to taking Ibuproven though, i always took milder painkillers, maybe that has something to do with it?

When you have flue, you have very strange dreams, and they are often prelucid. I’m sure that you confuse between causes during your “experiments” : that’s fever and not ibuprofen that makes you lucid.

I take ibuprofen about once a month to be able to work normally during my period. It makes me sleep lighter, because it makes my stomach feel weird and I can hear a “psssh” sound in my ears. I haven’t noticed any change in lucid dreams, though.

i am also taking ibuprofen a couple of days every month for years now and only once i had a clear lucid dream due to ibuprofen (in my opinion).

my conclusion ?

Hey guys!
Before you continue this Ibuprofen madness :grin: please check these sites atleast.
I dont think you should even experiment with ibuprofen, its made to be fairly safe pain killer, however there is some possible side effects, which means that this drug DOES cause harm when used too much.

Protect your kidneys and livers :content: train LD somehow else… :wiske: :wiske: :wiske:



yea, please listen to Hradska!!! Next time you have a LD, it won’t even be credible because people are going to believe your just a drug addict. It’s just stupid to jeopardize your health like that anyway!!! JUST DON’T DO IT!!! :grrr:

Yes ibuprofen can give damage to your organs if u use it over a long period or at a to high dosage so dont play with it around!
Also ages you faster gives a lot of free radicals!

Ibuprofen is NOT for colds. Its an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory (which stops the pain).

I LD pretty easily when I want to. And at least once a month I take a boatload of this -and it does NOTHING for me in the way of increasing lucidity, etc.

OTC is over the counter - yes it is.

I agree with whoever suggested the fever or other symptoms could be intensifying dream states.