idea, a screen saver playing rand ld sound files all night

Listening to the 2 hour long mp3 Stephen Laberge interview all night worked very well for me but it lacked variety and rest breaks. A possible good public project could be to have hundreds and maybe thousands of lucid dreamers uploading small 30 second to 1 minute noncense sound files (about lucid dreams) into a central ftp location or website. Then we could use a screen saver to randomly play all those sound files from a harddrive folder, CD burn, or a webserver, all night. They could be anything like one or half minute stage type plays or whatever as long as it makes a sleeping person hear lots of talk about lucid dreaming, the same way the Stephen Laberge interview did. In three years if managed right, the collection could hold a few thousand sound bits and never lack variety. It’s just a silly idea. I could never manage it, but I would create and add sounds.

It’s not a silly idea. I’ve been clipping small clips of audio to make a computer sound theme. I thought it would be fun to hear lucid related sound when you started your computer or recieved an email. It’s been a horribly slow project but I have a few sounds.

It would be fun to have a large collectiong of LD related clips. They could be used for lots of fun ideas like this.

Hey thanks.

I never knew there was an MP3 out there of the interview.
HuGS to DJem and Epic.

Are there any more soundfiles out there that I could listen to?