Idea for helping people with bad dream recall

I was thinking about how events in daily life can make you remember parts of your dreams you had the same night, and thought that it’d be cool if you could use such clues while still in bed. So I came up with an idea how you could organize this into a system.

It’s quite simple. If you have a list of clues you can simply read it through and hope that something will trigger your memory.
One could even make a whole book of it. The first chapter you would use if you didn’t remember anything at all. There would be quite general clues. Then, if you recalled that, ah, yeah, this was a dream about music, you can go to a music chapter with clues about that, which might trigger your memory even further.

Has anybody already done this? Or do you think it’s worth a go?
I was thinking about starting a project with the aim of making an online book that anyone with dream recall problems could download.

If you want, please give ideas or send in clues, that is, things that regularly happen in your dreams (not to personal things mind ya :wink: ).

I will start with the list of general clues later today if I have time, so please send in suggestions! You can also send in ideas about topics I should include in the book if you like. :smile:

I think what your saying is somthing along the lines of dreamsigns? I use my dreamsigns often just mentally to recall dreams. Like for example “I remember a car. what was going on in the car. oh I was talking. who was I talking to? my dad what was he talking about. oh teh football game we were driving to.” and it just comes back like that dreamsign was the car which lead to questions which lead to answers which lead to recall.

An online book would be fesable. but dreamsigns are different for each person. a rose to one person could mean love and a rose to another person could mean red.

Of course. But I don’t really mean dreamsigns, I mean more like general clues that can apply to everybody (or most people), like “I was driving a car”, “I was playing football”, “I was watching TV”, “I was going to a movie with my friend” etc, etc. If you go on like that, you’re bound to find something relating to your dream at some point.

I thought that it might trigger your dream memory if you read something and it happened in your dream. Because when you wake up your mind is often so empty you can’t think of anything. Having a concrete list like that might help, maybe.

This is only for beginners, of course. More experienced dreamers should use their dreamsign lists.