Idea for RC

hey everyone… so basically I tend to have LDs through WILD but lately I’ve been thinking of not interrupting my sleep and just have DILDs… which means I have to do alot of RCs throughout the day… Therefore, I’ve been thinking of the best way to do RCs all the time and I thought of something that should work pretty great.

How about doing a RC every time you talk to a person… as simple as that. Even if it is just a “hello”, immediately do a RC and continue with whatever you were doing. This should work great because in dreams we pretty much always talk to someone at least one time to at least one person at any moment. You will be doing RC like crazy through out the day.

Has anyone tried this before?

I’ve thought of looking away and looking back whenever I make eye contact
I’ve thought of reality checking whenever i walk through a door frame
I’ve thought of reality checking whenever i walk into a new room
I’ve thought of reality checking whenever i walk in general
I’ve thought of reality checking whenever i sit down
I’ve thought of so many different things

these types of reality checks are highly effective, but a pain in the ass to make a habit, but don’t give up on it or else it would be pointless to attempt them in the first place.

Yeah, I agree with Archery, I tried to do an RC whenever I walk through a doorway to the outside, but I always forget. :cry: Lately Ive been trying to do an RC every time that I see something the color red.

(Finally!!! my 50th post, I dont feel like such a HUGE newb anymore :tongue:)

Actually, I think it’s a good idea. I’ve tried RCs when walking through doorways and when I see a clock. Unfortunately, my life is quite sedentary (this is what videogames turned me into :user: ) so I don’t like to get up too much which means I don’t walk through doorways very much. And if I’m out shopping or with friends then I tend to forget >.<
However I do see my family quite a bit, and I live with my partner so every time we talk I can do a RC. Or maybe every time he tells me he’s going to use the xbox360 :meh: it’s never my turn!
Either way, good thinking obzen, I like it. I’ll start doing that and see if it works :smile: Lets just hope I don’t get incredibly distracted with the RCing and the person I’m talking to thinks I’m ignoring them haha

This idea sounds really good, the average person would probably just do 2-3 reality check a day. But this thing could easily make that to atleast 20 a day if it becomes a habit. I’m gonna start doing something like this.

When I was working (I work in construction) it was really funny because I would do the nose plug RC followed by trying to put my finger through my hand, and then questioning how I got to where I am. Every day my co-workers and bosses would look at me like, what the heck is this guy doing? they asked me if I had a cold… I said, no? I didn’t understand why, then I talked to one of my friends about it and he said he always sees me plugging my nose when I’m about to lift lumber or take a wheelbarrow.

So, if you’re like me, and you find that kind of situation just a little bit awkward, you can do some discreet reality checks, like, checking your visuals (i.e. read something. read it again, does it say the same thing?), checking your memory (how did I get here, and am I wearing pants?) and checking your mental state. Actually this last one was how I had my last lucid dream, about 3 years ago. I made a habit of constantly checking where I was at mentally. I’ve found that the way you think in dreams is considerably different than the way you think in waking life. It must depend on the person though, I suspect.

Anyway, good luck!

  1. i don’t talk with people IRL
  2. neither in dreams…

so, quite useless to me :grin:

That is a great idea, when i first started LDing i did a RC every time i walked through/opened a door. Worked wonders for me

OK, so after trying it for a couple of days I have to say that yes… it is VERY tough, but not impossible, I’m still not able to RC everytime I talk to someone, even though I’m able to do it 85% of the time, so I consider it pretty good. Nevertheless, this worked the second night of doing this… I had 2 LDs. On the first one I was driving and picked a friend up and greeted him… I immediately did an RC, it was so cool when I realized it was a dream, I couldn’t believe it actually worked hehe. The second dream I was just at my house and someone in my family came in through the door and talked to me… I didn’t even respond instead I just did the RC. So keep trying… the good thing about this is even if you can’t remember to RC through out the day, still you are so much more aware of your surroundings than usual… your mind is always thinking about LD so that’s always good for DILD

That sounds like a lovely idea! I might actually start doing that. When I’m around others, I usually do a finger-through-hand RC, I read text/look at a clock, or I look at my hand to make sure I’ve still got five fingers. Those are usually discrete enough for me.

Excellent idea :content: