Idea :slider controls

Hi. I have an idea but I can’t test it because hadn’t any lucid dreams for months. Maybe we can use an slider control for vividness and transformations like changing size, fitness ,etc. I don’t know it works or not, I wanted to share it with you :smile:

Had a similiar idea last time (but not the LD´s to test it). You find a Pc were you can control your dream script (Like Vividness 0-99, Control 0-99, Waking up without your will, etc.)

[color=blue]Ooh, interesting! However, you’d have to expect it to work. If you just flick a switch, chances are it won’t do much. However, if you actually expect it to do something (e.g. increase clarity), it probably will work. Cool idea!

-The Professor[/color]

It just occured to my mind, and i think it can increase your lucidity, i think in my next lucid dream i will imagine there are sliders on my arm, first vividness, other slider, control, i will pull both of them to max. If i focus on the sliders movements, and how they feel in my arm, then i am focusing on the dream, so my lucidity increases… (don;t judge me, i got this ideea in the last 10 seconds :grin: )