idea to enhance the 'mind model' concept

When talking about VILDing, many people talk about the ‘mind model’ concept. This is the idea that we ourselves do not directly experience the world around us, but are fed data about it from our senses.

I had an idea for a technique that would enhance the understanding of this concept and that would allow lucid dreams to seem more ‘believeable’.

All you do is try to see from the visual cortex rather than your eyes. The visual cortex is situated in the hindbrain, at the furthest back point. Here is the link to a picture showing exactly where it is:

bring your awareness to the visual cortex whilst also concentrating on your vision. If you can actually begin to think of yourself seeing from your brain it gives you a massive help in beginning to lucid dream.

Why would vision be different in that case and why would it help lucid dreams to be more believable? You realise that part of the mind model is the way we visualise, and that this model is always used wether we use eyes or internal (dream) vision?

Well said. What exactly do you mean? I don’t understand any part of what you just said. Please explain. :smile:

Add me to the crowd.

well, sorry if i am being too vague (or stupid). What I mean is that when you do this succesfully it allows us to think of ourselves as ‘seeing from our mind’. Lucid dreaming involves this ‘seeing from our mind’, so this should make it easier (on a subconscious level) to lucid dream.

This doesn’t actually effect your vision, it’s just a way of thinking.

How do you plan to see with your brain rather than your eyes? I thought the visual cortex processed the images that your eyes sent it.

Are you trying to move your conciousness to the back of your brain instead of feeling that everything is directly behind your eyes?

I’ve heard that some cultures beleive their conciousness is where their heart is. I tried moving it once. Only got as far as my neck. It feels really weird having your vision “above” you. Try it when there’s nothing around to distract you.

I don’t think it matters where you feel concious. It could be outside yourself it shouldn’t make any difference you’ld just sense everything from that point of view(Still only receiving input from your senses of course).

Shut your eyes and rub your thumb and fingers together and you can sense where they are in space. Now imagine them moving.

EDIT: Oh, Another thing that is fun is to try and imagine all your senses being inside your brain. It makes your head feel a lot smaller.

Yes, sort of. It’s like trying to think of sight as just data from the brain. The data is ‘read’ internally, so the sight itself is from inside the brain, it’s just that it’s fromr the eyes perspective s it seems our consicousness is, as inchworm says, directly behind the eyes.

I think I see what you’re getting at now. You’re just realizing that it is our brain that tells us what we see, right? But what do you do differently once you realize that?