I told my friend about Lucid Dreaming about 3 weeks ago.He has already gotten one (beginners look) but now wants one regulary so now he has started trying idea’s. One which could work is He drew a switch on a wall which has off one one side and Lucid on the other. The switch is on off but every day he goes to the switch and trys to turn to Lucid.He is hoping it switches to Lucid when he is dreaming.Do you think it could work?

Sounds like a neat idea. It takes the idea of doing reality checks a step further by implementing something memorable-a constant installation that’ll son become a part of the dreamers everyday life! Might try this in the future…sounds promising :smile:

cool idea! sounds like something I would like to try. :smile:

That sounds like a great idea, and may be quite useful for recovering from a false awakenings. I’m certainly going to give this a try - and I hope to be explaining how successful it was tomorrow on my DD. :smile:

One last thing, I recommend putting the switch within arm’s reach of your bed. That way, you can test it every time you wake up though the night, not just when you get up in the morning.

Good idea! :smile:

Let us know if it worked for him!

I do a RC every time I get in or out of bed to avoid losing lucidity during FA, but since this is a one-time thing it should work even better once you get in the habbit of it. Very nice idea, I can only imagine the Lucid Boost you get…mmmm pounds per square inch :nerd_face: