the fact that i haven’t had an LD yet both frustates me and inspires me.
if anyone has already tried sopmething like this tell me how it worked out.

i was thinking, what if i did a RC every time i heard a certain song through out the day. then that night play the song on repeat loud enough for me to hear it. theoretically i would do a reality check in my dream because i hear the song n the real world right???
give me your expert opinions.

Well… once i was hearing P.O.D and when i reach the song celestial, i started thinking about LD. That nigth, i programed my diskman to always repeat that song, so if i was in a dream, i wold recognize it…
the results ?.. i wake up knowing i dreamnt of something but couldn’t know what… only fragments. Ho… and a realy headache in the morning :grrr: .

I’ve heard alot of things like this. most of them say that the music or the song you listen to should be something that you don’t listen to any other time. And i have yet to try it because i have nothing that i don’t listen to all the time. And i can’t listen to something that i can’t get into.
anyway i think that its a good idea and should work.

There are very many people experimenting with this on the forum. Some of them play their own voices saying “you are dreaming” etc. , some use short beeps and some use music.

After reading through endless posts about this, I have only heard of someone succeeding one time. And it wasn’t on this forum, it was in EWLD. This guy played the Stephen LaBerge interview in his sleep, and he noticed the sound of the interview in his dream and used that to get lucid.

In my opinion, you’d better just stick with the regular techniques, all those shortcuts you hear about have very low success rates.

sounds like a good idea, but what am i going to listen to…maybe HIM i haven’t listened to that in a long time.

We have this thread Odd2k talks about.I t was called i think “Miracle method”?or something similar…grr…cant recall but im sure there is like 3 pages long thread:)
take care

You could listen to a song that you NEVER hear in other times of the day (think digeridoo sp? music) every time you’re reading the forum, and then play it at night after a couple weeks of doing that. Should work.

My first ‘induced’ lucid dream was using the ‘miracle method’ described elsewhere in this forum. I simply burned the MP3 of the laberge interview to a cd. In the middle of the night I woke up and put the interview on repeat on a low volume and listened to it as I fell asleep. That night I had a lucid dream. I tried a couple times since then and had no luck with the interview. I created my own set of flashing LED goggles and that is what I use to induce my LD’s from now on, they work great!


you actually “created” your own pair of novadreamer goggles???

wow, much respect to you my friend.

Heheh. Yes! I’m an electrical engineer (unfair advantage) so I was able to whip up a set from scratch rather quickly. I’ve had my current setup for a couple months now and (although my girlfriend thinks I’m insane) I’ve had much success with it! I just wake up in the middle of the night, put on my goggles and fall asleep telling myself when I see the lights flashing I will become lucid. It works almost all the time, the hardest part is getting the motivation to put them on in the middle of the night! The best part is they are completely self-contained (no PC’s or cables) and it cost me about $10 to build.

Well dwax,

Im finishing my own goggles tomorrow. They will flash leds couple times and make a beeb through buzzer. This will occure after every 90mins. Electronics are placed inside of sleeping mask or whatever it is :cool:.

I also got same kind of buzzer in my lightcontroller-unit (this controls lights and other electronics in my room throug computer and so on…) and it’s also “buzzing” about 12 times per day. This combined with RC:s should get atleast somekind of results :smile:. I will inform here as soon i get those ready to testing.

Oh and im also planning to improve these goggles and add Ir-led and phototransistor to detect REM sleep :shy: .

Ps. Sorry my lousy english :wiske:

i hate you both… :sad: :cry:


You should by a clock that got this beep thing at every hour. Then you just combine RC:s to this beep :smile:. I think it would help a bit.

Have you already tryed to combine some song to RC? Did it work?


And of course you should let the clock beep at nights too :content:

Your body tries to shut down most sense perceptions when you sleep. Of course it’s possible to hear a song and use it as an RC. Nova Dreamer and similar aparrati operate on the principle that sense perception can break through and into your dreams. But I find that more often than not in a state to deal with or recognize whatever you’re hearing. I usually just incorporate what I hear into my dreams. For instance, if somebody starts blowdrying their hair in the next room, I dream of a snow blower or something.

Anyhow, I think that one of the best techniques is to simply develop a routine in which you incorporate RCs into your daily life. Wear a digital watch, and check repeatedly throughout the day. That is, look at it, look away, and look back.

I suppose a low-tech version of this
could be done using a timer and your own

An idea to try…

That timer to your own lamp would be pretty lowtech, but also pretty usefull.

Only thing you would need is one relay, maybe an optocoupler (securing your paraller port) and that’s about it.

Then you just create easy program that gives signal out of paraller port every 90mins :smile:.

second option would be some kind of 555 timer etc…

i could see how playing a song, sound or voice while sleeping could work because i know when i hear any alarm clock go off that sounds like mine i cringe and its like telling me to wake up, so i could see how this would work.