Ideas for RC reminders

I was thinking it might be a good idea to make up some visual cues to act as mental reminders IRL. By this I mean physical items you can carry that will remind you throughout the day about lucid dreaming.

For instance, you could wear jewelry or clothing that relates in some way to lucid dreaming. Perhaps a wristband with the word lucidity or a broken watch. Another idea could be to write “LD” on the back of your hand each morning.

These items would also carry over into your dreams and act as a lucidity amplifier.

I put blank sticky notes in areas in which I tend to be unaware. There’s one stuck to my TV, for example, and I put one behind my students when I’m teaching. When I see the sticky notes, I do a discreet RC. Some people do put reminders on their person, but I feel that you might become unaware of the reminder if it’s with you 100% of the time. Everybody’s different, though.

i used to do an rc avery time i passed a doorstep. It helped me a lo sonce you pass a lot of them thrgouhtout the day.
My dreams tend to change places and since in irl you pass a lot of doorstep which is a way of changing places you can remind yourself of doing rc’s

Try that, it helped me a lot

I used to write “Do an RC” on my hand, but it does confuse other people :razz:

I currently wear a wristband that serves as a “You are dreaming.” reminder.

Also, though I haven’t made it yet, I have ideas for a You-Are-Dreaming watch…

That being said, autosuggestion (telling yourself you’ll RC in ten minutes or some other time frame) is ridiculously effective for making you recall to RC… so long as you remember to reset the autosuggestion each time. :wink:

[color=olive]What Ive been thinking of testing lately is having a specific color, object, or word cue my RC’s when seeing, hearing, or thinking of it.

Edit: I’d like to put this into action with ADA or use it to work back into it.


Not wanting to be that person who Homestucks everything, but when I read the comic the first time I thought it was really nice that one of the characters - the first lucid dreamer in a group of four kids - used a colorful ring system to keep in mind where she had been, what she was doing, and what she was supposed to be doing next. That way she would look at her hands all the time and do a pretty thorough RC!

Consider it homestuck haha

Thanks everyone for your input I haven’t put anything in place yet going to shop around and see what I can find.

paual, it looks like all the bandwidth is used up on that image link…

Thought I’d let you know I received my pressies and very happy with them! Thanks LD4all!

I purchased some shirts, stickers, a mug and clock and they look awesome! I’d highly recommend people to purchase something from the store it’s well worth it! :happy:

EDIT: I also purchased some items from a left-handed store, one of which is a backwards watch! :clock: