Ideas to do in a Lucid Dream

Do you something that you’d like to do. Do you something that you’re interested in, whatever thing you like to do, do it in a Lucid Dream. If their’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, that you couldn’t do in real life, well then do it in a Lucid Dream. Those are just some ideas I thought of.

you could write with a pen upside down. And it doesnt have to be a space pen! :eh:

I still have to try this stuff;
Jump off a high building
Become invisible and pinch people
Eat glass
Walk through a mirror
Jam with Eddie Van Halen

I really want to meditate or do yoga or something on an LD. I’ve also always wanted to ask my subconscious for ideas in my writing and to meet the characters.

That reminds me, I also want to seek inspiration in LD’s. Like, for melodies for songs and stuff.

I want to arrange a dream meeting with someone. I read about this in a book, “Conscious Dreaming” by Robert Moss and it sounds exciting! He calls it shared dreaming and you agree on a place to meet, in your dreams. I’m not sure how to begin and I need a partner. Anyone interested?

I would do that. Just have to get my LD’s back to what they used to be. I’ve been slacking for a few monthes, having a lot less LD’s, and now I’m making up for it.

I’m interested in trying the following things, in this order. They are all more or less the same, but all a little different :happy:

  1. walk through a wall (for now I’ve only pressed my finger and my head in a thick wall)

  2. let me sink through the ground. (without pushing the material of the ground aside, so really “through” the ground, just like walking “through” a wall)

  3. walk through another person

  1. Summon a Dragon or Battle one.

2.Fly to the moon…and look at how it looks (see how detailed I can make it)

3.Go into someone else’s dream

  1. Live as a charator in a game like Ultima Online, and let a story unfold for me to complete.

i cant believe nobody has mentioned the matrix. in my next next lucid dream i really want to be neo in the matrix lobby scene. sure the movie sucks but i think it would be cool having the ability to move so fast that everything around you slowed down

lol, yeah sure :tongue:

Take psychedelic drugs
But this isn´t the next thing that I´ll do.First I also want to experiment with shared dreaming.
I also want to change over to an OBE

wow… thats so touching… i’m flattered!

anyways i’d really like to live out the day i had cept better. Like ya know how u no what to do after its to late? it’d be kinda cool like for example if sum1s makin fun of u or ur friends or being a jerk, in ur dream u could relive the experience cept u take control and punch him and laugh lol

Why dwell on a negative experince, especially in a lucid dream when you could be doing something better?!
Another thing I want to do is practise flying, hence my jumping off the building plan.

I tried a couple of times to split myself into pieces (I read this somewhere in EWLD), but it never worked. Maybe I should try melting myself (or parts of my body) into some blubber :smile:

You could freeze yourself and then hit yourself with a hammer. That might work. :smile:
One thing I wanna do is have an LD, and tell someone in the dream to let me know I’m dreaming next time they see me. Then, next time they are in the dream, I’ll see if it worked.

Good luck on that one! If this should work… whoa! :grin:

Lucid Dreaming would be so much easier.

Ive already done the matrix thing…and i wasnt even lucid.

Its was funny too…Saddam hussain (i dont know why him) was shooting a me and all of a sudden I just bean to duck the shots…as i was ducking them…I could see myself from a 3rd person…like on the matrix the bullets were visible and did the shockwave thing…

i didnt mean to dwell on it but relive it and make it better, i think there was sumthing like this in EWLD