If this was a dream then why


I have a strange experience some months back, I will try to be short and constructive.

I did my normal WILD/AP routine and enter directly, I set foot on unfamiliar street and look around to where to go. After 15 minutes walking down the street, I reach a place with many people which were gathered for some event, I think it was for a funeral. An old lady was giving a speech from a tribune, about the town and how each person from this community is very dear to her and despite the circumstances all of them must work for the greater good or something like that. When she finished talking they rang a big Bell and everyone start scattering around. It seems she saw me first and came straight to me, before I tried to ask her what is this place and where am I, she made a silence sign “shhh don’t say anything they are watching, I know you are not from here, this place is not safe for you, you must leave before they notice you. If you still want to contact me and talk with me, here.”, she gave me a golden ticket “with this you can connect to me anytime, now go”, she left.

Of course I wasn’t satisfied with this half assed explanation, so I stay and look around for clues in the building where the funeral service was held, nothing looked out of the ordinary, a boy was cleaning the place, it was no bigger than fourteen, I tried to talk with him. “Mister you are not from here, didn’t you?”, “How you know?” I asked him, “You are giving a strange energy vibe, which I don’t recognize, you must leave this place at once, it’s dangerous for you, they are always watching, I must not talk with you”. “Who are they?” I asked, “The Hunters, they are guarding this place from all outsiders and they prevent anyone to leave this place, they are super strong and are immortal.”. “But why they are doing this, I’m just a peaceful traveler?”, “Don’t ask more questions, just go!” the boy said.

In that very moment a man-sized portal appeared and a tall strong man in pure white clothes (long robes with a black belt) step out from it, he had a long white hair and pure blue eyeballs, he raised his hand towards me “You must be eliminated!”, “You must run mister, run!” the boy shouted at me. I tried to make him disappear or to change the scenery, but I didn’t have any control over this space, so the only option was self defense, I took a battle form(I’m not sure but always in lucid dream or AP, I’m very combat experienced). He attack me furiously, he was also very experienced in martial arts, I can’t relay the battle because it was too intense and everything was happening too fast, he couldn’t take me down with just hand to hand combat, so he made something strange, from a small portal he created, he took a two black rods and start attacking me with them, these rods were extremely durable and he had an infinity storage from them it seems, after at least 10 minutes of intense battle, I started to become sloppy in my movements and my wounds were accumulating.

His next attack surpriced me, he slash my both eyes and I lost my vision(now if this was a dream, it must have ended there, but it didn’t), it was very dry moment so I jump back a little, I couldn’t see anything so I just focus my intention to Feel and something happen, I sensed his heart beating and energy flowing through it. I let him stab me on purpose and I grabbed his hand and with my other hand I pierced directly through his heart, he fell on the ground dead. To my surprise his heart still beating in my hand turned into a crystal ball(maybe his core energy), I swallowed it, all my wounds and eyes healed away, my colorful vision came back. Nothing of the scenery had changed, the boy was surprised and said “What are you, mister? How you killed a Hunter, but that doesn’t matter, Hunters are immortal, when one die, the closest person from us turn into one of them and top of that they learn from everything they experience and evolve, run Mister, run!”. The body of the boy started to morph into one of them, only seconds later he completely became one of them. He immediately open a little portal and start throwing black rods at me again. I thought “second round, no f***ing way” and wished to immediately return to my body, I woke up seconds later. Darn I loss the golden ticket.

I’m sorry but normal dreams doesn’t act like that, that was way of the scale! Why the dream was so solid and nothing change when I lose my vision, and I am sorry but those DC’s didn’t look and act like an ordinary DC’s.

Maybe an astral projection? It is common for APers to suffer from “astral blindness” and still be able to experience the AP with good emotion control.

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I think you can be sure that it was a dream. Maybe it was very unusual but still just a dream of some sort. There are many things that can make dreams special in a different ways. One thing is recall for example. When you wake up directly from the dream then the dream probably felt a lot different than when you recall it from faint memory.

Other things include your physical condition, your neurochemistry, your emotional condition, inputs from your surroundings and many more. If many of these line up in a rare constellation, interesting things may happen to your dreams.

That would be my guess at what happened. In retrospect, do you enjoy having made this experience?

Maybe you stumbled upon some other entity? Something outside of your mind that wasn’t a part of you. It may have been clothed in white but so are the fallen, noting the black belt it could have been a fallen angel. Maybe something invaded your dream ot maybe you were somewhere else and the dream world was just a filter for your brain to comprehend it.