If you could share dreams what would you do?

jut curious lol

You are talking about shared dreaming, two or more dreamers within one and the same dream, right?

I guess it depends a lot on who I’m sharing with. Just because you’re in a SD doesn’t mean it’s due to mutual consent. I think this is important to remember first. If everyone’s alright with the situation only then I should go on, I think.

Now what I’d do might sound boring but I’d just have them show me around their dream. Introduce me to their DCs, take me to the places of their dreams and drag me into one of their dream adventures. I’m reading all the DJ posts here on the forum and every dreamer has their own unique style, each is so different from my own dream world. I just like to literally see for myself, I guess.

Also since I believe dreams are solely based on our experiences in waking life, shared dreams would make for a very special kind of experience interchange with other people. So I guess you can say I would use it as a means of communication. I think it could be useful to express to other people what’s important to me and vice versa. You can connect on a whole different level inside a dream, especially emotionally and even subconsciously. Maybe it would even lead to a degree of mutual understanding among people that prevents many senseless conflicts in the world. I guess that’s a highly optimistic take on SDing, but what hey, got to have a reason to call yourself a dreamer :stuck_out_tongue: