If you had the choice to, would you?

Over three years ago I made a thread in the Lounge of the old archived boards, and got many responses. I just kinda wanted to bring this question up again, and see some more responses.
If this should belong somewhere else, by all means move it, or go ahead and lock it.

Here’s my original post from Feb of 2004 sometime:

“ok heres my question: If you had the choice to fall asleep and never wake up, and be stuck in a dream forever, would you? I know i would. Id rather live in a dream world than the real world. I wouldnt miss anything about my life one bit. I’d actually feel releived to leave everything and everyone i ever knew behind. I’d be happier than ever, being in dreamland forever. In my dreams Im always so happy and free, but IRL i feel depressed and constricted all the time. I have a very unhappy life, and i often wonder if its worth living. Sure my life could be worse, but it would be better if i was stuck in a dream. I feel like my dreams are the only thing i have to live for. I feel so pissed off every morning when i wake up, because i know i have a whole day ahead of me. I always look forward to going alseep at night. I just wish i could dream forever.”

Now, I don’t necessarilly still feel that way, but do wish for it from time to time. I’m curious to know what what other ppl’s responses are…

Of course. I wouldn’t ever give it a second thought. Or a first one, for that matter.

Even if some days I may not feel like that, sure as the rising sun I’m going to desire it again sooner or later, always.

I wouldn’t. I’d have the knowledge in the back of my mind that it was all fake. It wouldn’t necessarily be lucid anyway so it’d be kind of boring most of the time.

It’s just like why those dudes in the matrix (Neo and those guys) opted to go to the war-torn real world as opposed to the fairly normal fake one.

If you couldn’t wake up, it would be your reality.

Yeah, considering that I would be capable of absolutely anything I’d do it.

Perhaps dreaming in your dream would bring you to the reality? :razz:

this is like all those other simulated reality things, like the experience machine. i used to say yes without thinking, but i think youve got to consider others too. purely selfishly yes, but we have family and friends to think about

What would happen if everyone knew about Lucid Dreaming? Would anyone decide to remain in Consensus Reality, or would the world decay as everyone fufilled their fantasies in their beds, asleep?

Could the General Public be presented with such a choice? And what of the consequences?

I knew I read this before somewhere. :tongue:

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eating and the like.
its the only other problem - you have to stay alive!

Nah. I mean, the fun of life is that there’s the contrast between good things and bad things. You can’t tell apart what’s good and pleasurable if you only feel good all the time. You’ll get bored fast :smile:

Plus, the people I know would be sad :happy:

You could be Emo and experience good and bad things in LDs…

i dont think i could, even if it was a lucid dream i would miss my family and they would be sad besides i have animals to care about

And be a leeching-vegetable in a hospital for the rest of my life: NO WAY!

I’ll rather die, then no one would waste there time keeping me alive.

Well let’s make it clear: You won’t remember your dream, because you will never get up from it!

Now seriously, I don’t know. I want to meet real people, so if SD Is true and simple, I might rethink it. The problem with dreaming all time is that:

  1. Everything is easy, You can do everything!
  2. There is never real peace.
  3. You meet just dumb dolls who do as you say and never even think.
  4. You don’t get to fight, you only get to win.
    You should have asked the question differently:

What if real life would be an LD, and everytime you will “Dream” You will actually be in reality?

Quite an interesting question, but I’m not going to answer it straight away. Most people always seem to have some sort of idea of death, what happens, what it is like and all that. For most of my life I just thought of death as a vacuum, void of everything. Then, just for the kicks, I decided to have another idea concernging death. It sounds somewhat like this:
“We have life, so we can learn how to dream. Lives bring subjects to our dreams, because otherwise we would not know what to dream about. If we have learn’t enough when we die, we pass on to an eternal sleep.”
It sounds somewhat stupid when you say it or think about it, but I do not care. I don’t know even if I truely believe it, but the way I think, I will be happy when I die and start my eternity of dreaming.

I used to think that way, too. When I first started high school, I was extremely depressed and often wished that I could sleep and never wake up. But now things are a lot better for me. I’m starting my senior year near the end of this month, and I’ve never be happier.

The thing to remember, is that without some pain in your life, happiness means nothing, because you have nothing to compare it to. Constant happiness is probably the most boring thing in the world, or at least I imagine it would be, seeing as that’s impossible in RL.

(Also, this probably proves what a 90s geek I am, but I pretty much learned all of the above by watching Sailor Moon the Movie: Black Dream Hole. It fits this theme perfectly.) :tongue:

Hah, yes, overdosages of sleeping pills while people struggle to sleep 24/7 in order to have as much Lucid dreams as possible. No one would bother to wake up for work, the world would crumble to pieces when there would be no one maintaining it. Although my friend told me that he does not experience Lucid dreaming as strongly as I hear that most do. This would create a whole new minority… Would the suicide rates shoot up?