If you haven't had a lucid dream in a month, READ THIS.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a lucid dream? If the answer is over 1 month, you are trying too hard. Confused? Don’t be. The lucid dreamers who struggle the most are the ones who try the hardest. Why, you ask? This is because of an essential piece of knowledge that I can guarantee most lucid dreamers don’t see as very important. The subconscious takes your effort as a substitution of it’s own; the more effort you put forth, the less work it does. This is why you are not lucid dreaming so frequently. Don’t try so hard. :spinning:

Hope this helps, I know it will help me. :spinning:

Can you tell me,how to not try so hard? :smile:

I’m doing it in three steps:

  1. Use a mantra such as “Tonight, at 2:30 I will realize I am dreaming,” or “I become lucid whenever I see [something you see a LOT.]”
  2. Believe in my subconscious
  3. Wait. :spinning:

I don’t know wether or not this will work as it is something I have personally thought of but, if you go to sleep using MILD or just sleep intending to remember a dream then your subconscious will then have full effort at lucid dreaming, while you’re just trying to remember your dreams, which could help your DR.

Don’t know wether or not it’ll work but i’ve never had a lucid dream so I might as well try it.

I think there needs to be some effort to lucid dream, but the right type of effort. Just like blowing harder won’t make you play the flute better, it will only make you lose your breath. I don’t remember who said this, but I think it’s brilliant. :happy: I believe you need to put some focus or intent on lucid dreaming, but that’s completely different from trying to “force it” which is what we call trying too hard.

really well said :smile:

I haven’t had a real lucid dream in a month now, and it’s getting annoying.
The problem is that I feel almost NO motivation at all right now, I don’t even feel like doing RC’s or practicing LL like I always did before.

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I had a very satisfying LD a month ago, plus that I started studying about the same time, so I might be both busy and less excited since I’ve already had a great LD experience?
How can I fix this?