If your LD lasted forever...

What would you do after you did everything?
Would it be good or bad?

Personally, I think it would be both.

On the good side, I could be in my movies, have everything I wanted/needed. I wouldn’t HAVE to go to school…things like that. I would let things play out after, and me just going along for a bit. But there is sooooo many things I would do.

On the negative, I would have to go through knowing that none of it was real. And I am pretty sure, that I would end up going insane, espically if I got close to a DC…like knowing…my best friend isn’t real. WHAT? :cry:

Now, I have a question and when answered may result in me writing more. :wink: Um, when you say, last forever…do you mean us not waking up, ever? Or do you mean everytime we sleep, its a LD? :shy:

It would be very bad. I can help no one while asleep. Helping people is my purpose.

But while I’m there, I’d probably just do math and prove stuff. If it lasts forever, I’m sure an idea will occur sometime, and from that would spring other ideas.

Also, I’ve always wanted to watch a civilization progress from the Stone Age to the Cool Lasers and Stuff Age, and see how the tools and stuff were developed.

Honestly, I think I could keep myself occupied for at least a few million years. By that time, I’m sure I’d think of something else.

Fun question. Can’t say I haven’t heard it before, though.

Let’s see… Forever, you say? That is certainly a long time - I don’t believe I would ever have done everything. Is that possible? (And, even if it is, conceivably, it would take so many countless, billion eons that the afterward becomes increasingly negligible.)

Either way, I agree with Essa, in that the situation - just as in waking life - would have its own set of pros and cons.

Aye… that is a good question, though. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

I dont think it would be a bad thing i have a very good imagination and after it took me like Ang said billion eons to try every thing i most likely would forget some of the things i did and just do them over and over and over and over i think it would be fun

and like Albert Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
so why not be in a reality where you can do anything you want. If it feels real and looks real and smells real i say its real lol

I mean you’d be asleep forever.
I think it’d be a bad thing
Being lonely forever?
Too much.

Though when it drives me insane, at least I’d get to see what death is past an NDE.

um…i actually think he was being sarcastic.
i think he was making fun of the idea of reality being illusion.

If you meant a Lucid Dream lasting the rest of my life then I think I’d cope. It would be weird but I’d get used to it.

If you meant a Lucid Dream lasting for eternity I think I’d most likely go crazy, but who knows? Maybe I’d go crazy and then slowly regain sanity and then go crazy again in an eternal cycle. I think you’d have long enough to try a bit of everything.

If it lasted forever…
I would be tremendously sad.
If i knew it was immenate that I coulden’t wake up…I would try to forget it’s a dream…Convince myself that the dream was my reality now…Make the DC’s as real as I could…I guess…But I would be always alone…Having everything you ever wanted…But being all alone, with nothing but people you dream up?
Sad thought.

I would force myself to wake up, coz when Ive done everything I want to return, being lone is not my nature you see?

So my answer is that its bad…

Hmm, this is an interesting question. I’d love for the actual afterlife, if there is such a thing, to be sort of like this (an eternal LD), but I don’t know that I’d be willing to give up my waking life for it.

As said, there are many pros and cons and at the end of the day, knowing that things aren’t real might sort of kill the fun after a while (at least it would if I knew beforehand I was stuck like that).

The imagination has no limits…so i would always do like…adventures or something…
With no limits,i’d unlock my mind…
And conquer the world.I would induce SDs and play with my friends…
And other stuff.
And when i end a lifestory,i start another,like a new page from a notebook.
But that may come…(who knows what waits us after death?);p

Very well put Pridak! :tongue:

…If a lucid dream lasted forever, how much fun would it actually be?

I would have cheese all the time. And I would make humans able to use 100% of their brain capacity. I would also turn the moon into cheese. I would basically do everything, which is infinity. :smile: