I'll be gone for a while :(

Now that my family is here I’ll be going to an island away from computers, cars exc for a while so I probibly wont be on ld4all for about a month. I may be on once or twice. Hope you all have fun and have great lds!

Oh charlottedreamer! We will miss you! Have fun with your family!

Maybe you can see it as your dreaming journey since when I go on my vacation I seem to dream more and become lucid more often. :shrug: :smile: I wish you the best journey!

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

Thats so true DM7, the more u relax and the more u sleep the more dreams u can potentially have and thus have more LD’s.

Z: That’s so true. :smile:

Take that as your opportunity to improve your lucidity and don’t forget to have fun too! :grin:

We will miss u charlottedreamer !!! Hope u have fun on that island :wink:

Goodbi 4 now :smile:

Enjoy Charlottedreamer and happy dreams on your vacation!


Lucky girl! Bring me back a t-shirt, and we’ll read ya soon! :alien: