Illness + Dreams = ??

I woke up this morning with a pretty bad head cold, you know sore throat, headache, cough, ect. And when I woke up I forgot my dreams because i was thinking about how sick I was. But, it also led me to a question I have about LD’s. I was wondering, I have never had a LD while i was sick and I wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if I would still feel the cold in my LD. I learned of course that dream recall is harder when you are sick because dreams are the last thing on your mind when you wake up and feel sick, But im going to try a bit harder to remember tommorow to remember and it woln’t be as much of a suprise so I will be more likely to remember. So would I feel sick in a LD or even a normal dream and is it possible to make myself feel better in an LD even though i have a cold in RL?

yes. but for anything to enter your dream, ie colds and such, you need to have them for a little while. in my experince at least 3 days. in my ld where i had a cold i felt really good in teh dream but like crap out of it. but the next night inside my dream i was sick too. not a great few days :cry:


I wonder…if you are sick IRL and this carries over into a LD, if you could ‘make the illness go away’ in your LD? I think it would be possible, but I’ve never thought to try it up to now. :eh:

In the night your body is expecially busy with fighting off illnesses. My dreams usually turn into nightmares (that I can’t control in LD). I don’t usually feel ill though.

Last night, I had a fever when I was going to bed and it turned out to severely disrupt my sleep patern. I slept for about 5 hours without a single REM cycle, however I entered these odd NREM states. They were black and white dreams, that resembled thoughts and visualizations more than regular dreams. Throughout the night I was wondering if it was possible to become lucid during these non-REM dreams. I wasn’t really successful, but I wasn’t really trying too hard either since I felt so bad. Does anyone know why there is less dreaming if you are ill?

PS: Yea, I dug this topic up via search. I didn’t want to start a new topic if someone already made one about this.

I think fevers kill dream recall, or even the whole REM cycle. I had the flu earlier and kept a very high temperature for over 4 days, and didn’t remember any dreams. Once the fever started to break, I had 3 LDs that night and many more vivid NDs.

I assume that your brain is hot from the higher body temperature. I felt like my brain was boiling! :lol: I bet this somehow reduces your dreams or dream recall.