I'm a little confused

Well, before about an hour ago, I never knew anything like this existed. I did know the basic knowledge that, in a dream you can do whatever you want. In the past when I have had dreams, I sort of knew I was in a dream, but could not do anything I wanted to. So, I stumbled on this website and read anything I could. I read the knowledge base, other LDs, I read about WILD, steps to achieve WILD, and still am very confused. I am confused on how to start a LD. I have been searching around everywhere on the site on steps on a WILD Induction.

The only induction I have found is relaxing very calmly, breathing slowly, and counting the breaths. During this I experienced very slight tingling, and about 1-2 seconds of REM. After that I still was very confused about what I was doing.

I was wondering what were some techniques on achieving a WILD, or a LD? What are some RC? Also, what are some books or other websites I could read to learn how to get my first LD.

Thank You!


I’d advise you to start by reading the guide:
it covers much of your Questions
Also, the Knowledge Base has lots of useful tutorials :smile:

good luck!
and welcome :smile:

Thank you, I did read the the guide earlier and have some sort of understanding. While I try the techniques. I lay, relaxing in my bed, in complete silence, with my eyes closed. Counting my breaths, and counting,while saying “I’m dreaming”. Every so often my eyes twitch fast, then go away after a few seconds. Then i just remain there and my eyes open sometimes randomly and I do a RC. After I resite the words and lay there. Im just not knowing what else I should be doing.

I tried my first time last night. And I used the WILD technique and believe I experienced the same as you with the eyes twitching and such but I ended up falling asleep. From what I’ve heard is that the WILD is the hardest to do and master. And was told to try the MILD or WBTB way first. But I might try the WILD when first laying down and if it doesn’t work when I wake up during the night Im going to try the MILD and FILD way. The best of luck to you. Let me know if anything works for you in the future. :smile: