i'm a little confused

i’ve recently been reading about how B vitamins increase lucidy in dreams but the question i have which B vitamin there is alot and i’m not sure which one to use i recently purchased B-12 i’m not sure if this is the right one or if i have to take this in combination with a B-6 vitamin should i get both B-6 and B-12 and take one pill of B-6 and one pill of B-12 or increase dose of B-12 or should i get the Folic Acid pills or not use that at all jsut B-6 and B-12 ?? also i’m a little confused about mcg and mg how many pills does that equal ?? if anyone can help me out with this i would appreciate it Thanks

Its vitamin B6.And it does not increase lucidity-it improves recall:)
good luck

so how exactly does a vitamin help recall ?