I'm always scared when near WILD

Hello :smile:

Whenever i’m very tired, and that I go to sleep while still staying conscious, hypnagogic images are everywhere, it goes from gradients of color to even very clear shapes, but at a certain moment I always fell like some kind of sleep paralysis is going to come, and sence my toughts always go random, I obviously think of some scary stuff (Watching too much creppypastas), and I always hear some house noises (Cracks and stuff like that) and they always suprise me and i’m scared that I enter sleep paralysis, especially after thinking of those creppypastas, at some part soemtimes i hear that “static” noise from the sleep paralysis (Or entering dream ?) but i’m fairly sure i’m near from WILD whenever that happens.
I want to WILD but i’m way to scared to do this, how can I enter the dream safely without it being a nightmare or sleep paralysis ?

Please :help:

A lot of imagery the brain creates is created by expectation. If you don’t expect anything scary to happen, nothing scary will happen. Just remain calm.

And remember, nothing can hurt you in Sleep Paralysis, so there’s no reason to be afraid.

SP can be a scary thing. I had it before I knew what it was so that was no fun :sad: . Here are some things I do to lessen my fear.

  1. Be prepared for it when you go to sleep so you will be ready when it happens.
  2. Have a positive mindset. I have thought of people who I care for and it helps me stay positive.
  3. This may seem odd, but don’t fight it. Like Mew151 said, nothing can hurt you so dont be afraid. Everything goes well for me when I think positive thoughts and relax my body.

When I get SP, I hear buzzing and humming and all that stuff too. I heard thunder once and I was surprised by it; I think its normal to be a little afraid at the start. But just relax, stay positive, and your fear will dissipate :content: .

:smile: Stay Strong! :smile:

Thank you everyone, but nobody awnsered this question yet : Can I enter the dream by WILD without doing sleep paralysis ?

You won’t exactly “do” sleep paralysis, it comes automatically. Sleep paralysis happens every time you are dreaming, in order to prevent you from moving during a dream (and hurting yourself, falling out of bed etc.). Look at sleep paralysis as a positive function of your body - it is certainly necessary each time you dream. While you are always paralysed during the dream, you won’t necessarily feel it. So if you really hate the feeling of SP (I myself like that feeling), I can at least say that some people don’t feel the SP when they are doing WILD.

The few times I’ve wilded I really don’t feel much sp. the most I felt was when I was wilding and lost consciousness for a second, and next thing I knew I was in a void of nothingness, it was so cool!

When wilding you are basically falling asleep in a controlled manner. You are less conscious so you may not even notice sp sometimes :smile: