I'm amazed...

Now that I actually recall a few dreams every night (or at least fragments), I’m becoming even more amazed with the workings of the human brain. It’s simply astounding what the brain will do to entertain itself while the body is resting, as is the fact that so much of this entertainment is wiped out of our memories upon awakening. Dreams are one of the most beautifully pointless things our bodies do, and I’m so grateful that we get to experience them. Even though I’m not proficient at frequent LDing, I’m overjoyed that I can at least remember my dreams again…for years, I remembered perhaps a dream or two every month.

Who knows what bizarre stories my brain may tell itself tonight…

You’re right, it is fascinating. In fact, the human mind needs REM sleep to function correctly, so it’s not only entertaining but it’s essential to our well being :yes:

Well, not all of them are pointless, and most of them, even if they’re pointless, make sense… The most beautiful feature we have, ain’t it? :smile:

There’s a Portuguese poet called Fernando Pessoa, he once said that “Art exists because the life does not suffice”. I think this works for dreams too—we do dream because only living doesn’t suffice… What’s life without dreaming?

Point taken; I wasn’t being quite accurate when I said that dreaming was beautifully pointless. It certainly does have a point, but it isn’t as “productive” as most of the things humans put value on.

Anyway, I’m just in awe of the complexity and unity of the human brain, and the way it has so many great features packed into it that seem superfluous at first.