I'm back ! I have a weird question :)

[center]Hello every one !
It’s good to be back here, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Nevertheless, i still read the topics and so one ^^

So these few months, i kind of stopped LDing, because it was beginning to get hard. YES another dry spell :3
But, i still was in love with LDs, and thinking about it all the time. (Waiting for my subconsciousness to stop trolling me xD If you followed me in my previous posted you know what i’m saying )
These times, i feel different… I’m getting awesome vivid Dreams ! (ND, non-lucid)

I had a system on my DJ (that i update once a month lol), that consists in putting a number on each dream. For instance, For a dream that’s not that awesome nor vivid, i could give 5 out of 10 (5/10). My goal with this was to get 10/10. I got 9/10 previously but never the goal.
Yesterday, i got a dream so vivid that i thought 10/10 was not enough… Seriously, it never happened to me before !
So for my first question, What’s up with that ? Why would my subconscious suddenly get so active ?

And finally the second question, the most important one.
In this dream i told you about, i was on an adventure/ quest. It was so weird ! I’m not getting into details, it would be too long ! (Took pages in the DJ :tongue: )
So is it possible in a LD to get in such an adventure/Quest, just like a movie or a game, were i don’t necessarily control everything ? Because seriously, that dream, i had so much fun in it !

And of course if you need additional info, just ask :wink:
Thanks a lot in advance, you guys are always here to help and answer ! :happy:[/center]

Hi! :wave:

How long did you use your system of rating the dreams? It seems that it wasn’t so suddenly after all, you set the goal and you were keeping the progress constant and you got the result at the end… This was process just as becoming lucid…

Well, that’s a very hard question because even when you are in an amazing LD that is another “type” of adventure. There are always parts of the dream that you do not control, they manifest automatically but still you are consciously interacting with the dream so there is no that feeling of story unfolding as in non lucid dreams.

But I would still say that LD are better then non lucid when you are talking about pure adventure and fun…

Well for that i’m not sure, i wasn’t active at all on the DJ. But yeah why not ^^

And for the other question, that’s very interesting ! But maybe it’s possible to have an ongoing story line that we do not control.
That’s a question for the philosophers : having the ability to do and control everything means that we can decide to not control ?
I wonder :tongue:

Well thanks a lot for your answers ! :happy:
Any other opinions ?