I'm Back......I've achieved partial lucidity.

And without even trying:

Ever since I stopped lucid dreaming…I’ve had a few more lucid dreams. I know i’m dreaming, but I dont quite achieve lucidity…I think I understand what my parents problems were…They didn’t achieve full lucidity, so they thought they could still be harmed, and because lucid dreams are usually more vivid…Bang.

Last night, I dreamt I was at some sort of party…I fell asleep at that party, and I awoke somewhere, and I asked my mother “Am I dreaming?”. She just smiled a very evil smile and didn’t answer. I began to feel scared and just yelled “I want to have a different dream NOW!!!”. At first it didnt work, but I just kept yelling it and suddenly everything dissolved and I began falling through this neo-techno hole (The sides of the hole had flashing lights and microchips, etc etc). Well, I hear someone say “You wanted another dream? You got another dream!!!”. Well, I just wasn’t happy with that answer, so I yelled “Computer, take me to a GOOD dream now!” and instantly I was in another dream…I was in some sort of plasma thing…It was tight and warm, and I felt secure. I’m very small here, nowhere near my size now. Almost like I was in a womb.

Well, suddenly I “wake up” in a lucid dream. I’m in the basement of my old house, and I yell “Computer, get rid of everything and then put a wooden floor beneath me that extends endlessly in all directions.”. Well, I got a small tile of floor beneath me. I repeated my order. I got another tile of floor. This frustrated me…Suddenly, I noticed something: There were those wooden floors, of course, but they had nails and needed to be hammered into my existing floor (which in real life would be difficult, since it is pure concrete).
Well, I get one of the piececs and I get a hammer and begin hammering away when suddenly I see computer. He’s pretty short, a bit overweight, has a large nose (but it still looks human. Not anything like a balloon nose or anything), his pores are large, and he just looks…Kind of like someone whos conservative, hardworking, and a bit old. Well, he begins to put tiles on the floor, and I tell him “Isn’t there any other way we can do this?” and he says no. Argh. I leave the dream.

Now I’m in a large city, I just woke up in my car. I ask my brother “Am I dreaming?” and he says no. I feel like I am not dreaming. Well, I’m searching for clues when suddenly I see a sign that says “BOSTON, 1 MILE AWAY” (I must note that letters never appear jumbled in my dreams. Everytyhing always says SOMETHING. Thats how its always been. 100 percent of the time). I’m supposed to be in my hometown, on the other side of the country. Now I know I’m dreaming. I wait until it gets to a red light (Which is odd because I wouldn’t have been hurt) and then I just get out of the car. Well, as I walk in front of the car my dad suddenly puts on the gas, and begins driving forward. So I jump on top of the car and simply jump onto the sidewalk. He’s gone. Well, now I’m convinced everyone is out to kill me so I say “Computer, make everyone avoid me at ALL COSTS”. Well, now whereever I go people just seem to run away. This makes me happy. I just hop around from building to buildling when I get an idea…Lets go visit heaven and hell. I say “Computer, take me to hell.”. I get there, and all I see is a ball of fire. Nothing else. How boring. “Computer, take me to heaven,” I say and suddenly I’m in heaven. Nearly everything is blue. I’m in some sort of park with two old men sitting on a bench. How peaceful :smile: “Computer, take me back.” I say, and I’m back in the city. Then I say “Computer, send all the righteous to heaven.”. I hear a few people disappear but I’m stll there. I get scared, but dare to say “Computer, send those who are not righteous to hell.”. Everyone else disappears, but…I’m still here. I jump out of a balcony and ask “Computer, am I rightous?”. Suddenly, I appear in some temple…I’m upside down, almost like my body has been completly tangeled, and I see some Indian (Indian as in from India) man. He says “You are righteous, but must continue to live (or something like that).” I say “OK” and suddenly it all ends…

I need to achieve full lucidity, as in knowing that I can do it, not “computer”. I need to be aware of the outside world (the real world). I need to be aware that NOTHING in my dream can hurt me. I can hop outside of a car going 200 miles per second and not be harmed or go into New York City flautning million dollar coins without fear that I’ll be killed.

How? How do I go the full way now?

My only answer to your q is that practice makes a champion (how do you say it in English?)

But I think it’s great you’re back! How are your parents doing (anyone wondering what I’m talking about, look at this: slagt.net/ld4all/viewtopic.p … highlight= )

Practice makes perfect. But I like yours better :happy:

Good…I’m learning that they never were able to say “I want to get out of this dream”, and that they have lucid NIGHTMARES and they dont really know that they are lucid in them…

Welcome back Rossi.

You seem to be doing quite well, better than I’d ever achieved anyway.

I think it’s cute how your ‘computer’ doesn’t give you what you think you are asking for. Maybe you have to be more specific. Perhaps even more demanding and expecting it to happen. It’s just a guess. What would I know!

Glad to see you back anyway. :smile: