i'm back with some art

Well i’m back my ISP has been terrible these past couple of week constant disconnections and slow speed and in some case not connecting at all.

anyways i brought art with me


Well i made it all myself using Poser 4 & Bryce 5 - It’s not finished yet but still. Looking good.

:cool_laugh: Nice place Dark Matter, I should save that image and induce a dream about it :grin:

It’s good, has a nice unrealness to it

the weird thing is, when i see landscape like that, i think of Tribes 2.

but cool place. maybe a little too “dead” for my tastes, but cool place none the less.

nice work Dark Matter

I am glad your back. Computers and ISP 's sometimes don’t you just wish you could take a baseball bat and…

Klingon font!

I thought the woman was real for a second and i was like “!!!”

No Demon it’s the “Frontier” font.

It was the font already on in PSP7 lol, klingon is harder to read.

as for the woman shh don’t tell but that’s really Q :wink:

That reminds me a lot of the Kingdom Hearts World Destiny Islands at the end when you have to fight Ansem on the island.