I'm confused about WILD

I heard that WILD is when you are falling asleep and you tense up and relax your muscles so that your body will get tired and go to sleep but you are supposed to try keeping your mind awake. This confuses me how can your brain stay awake while your body sleeps, also i’ve heard that that is not the only way to WILD but i’ve never heard the other methods.

I’m not experienced enough with trance to know this for sure but
it’s a type of mind-split where a part of you is asleep
your mind must be completely clear, in deep meditation, to allow yourself to enter and sustain trance
a synchronized mind (left-right brains) is also important if not essential, so that your rational can prevent your right from daydreaming and losing awareness or intention

To do it, just relax your body, and concentrate on something (say, for example, your breathing). Keep on concentrating on it, no matter what you experince (such as vibrations, hallucinations, feeling of not being able to breathe etc) until you fall asleep.
If you were successful, you will start the dream lucid.

The other way is to just count down (or up), and inbetween each number say something like, ‘I am dreaming’ eventually you’ll fall asleep, and start the dream lucid.

Oh ok

i think i will try that