I'm curious...

Is it possible for you to share dreams with famous people as well as people you are closely associated with??? It’s been on my mind for awhile now.

Yes it’s possible

If you believe in shared dreaming that is.

Well, most cases of shared dreamins (assuming it is true) is with people you know.

If you don’t know the person (and so can’t confirm it with them the next day)… how can you be sure it’s really them and not just a DC?

You can summon famous people into your (lucid)dreams if you have some control, but those wont be the “real” IRL people. It has nothing to do with SD, which (if it happens) would most likely only happen with someone you have a close bond with.

Ok, thanks everyone!

I wanna ask you something! Can anybody tell me how can I have an SD with someone I know. Is there something like meeting in some place or…???

No need to bump a 3 yr old topic. Please use/read the Big Shared Dreaming topic :moh: