I'm dreaming... I'm awake...

I just got really interested in this stuff after watching “waking life.” After about a week, I have gotten SO close to lucidity, but I havent been able to make it.

Here’s how it has gone down: for the third time, I have realized I was dreaming and WHAM, I’m awake. Last night, I realized it, and said to myself “I am dreaming! Dont get to excited… SPIN! SPIN!” And I did. But about then, the whole dream world scrambled into a colored snow, like when your TV messes up. Then I was awake. I knew I was, but I thought, maybe, just maybe, I had falsely awoken. So I rolled over and reality checked my alarm clock. I really was awake.

My question is: Am I doing the right thing? Do I just need to spin faster?
I have one theory that maybe I AM lucid, but all I can think about is that my dream is about to fade away, and in thinking that it becomes true, because I am controlling the effects. Or maybe I’m crazy. Anyone got suggestions?


you don’t have to spin if you don’t want to. everyone has there own ways they do it. You just have to keep praticing and you’ll eventually get it.


You just have to keep praticing and you’ll eventually get it.


yeah, just about everyone has these “Lucid Moments” when there just starting out, where they realise there dreaming, and instantly wake up. so dont worry, you’l eventually get over it and be able to enjoy lasting Lucid Dreams.

For me, the spinning technique is a quick and easy way to lose lucidity or wake up. It almost never works as it supposedly does for many people. I’m not saying don’t do it, but just keep in mind that some things work better for some people.

Try verbal commands, while closely examining an object. For example, say “increase lucidity” while looking at your hands. Anything that causes you to take more notice of the dreamworld will help you to maintain it.

Good luck.

i am going through the same thing you are, i have had this happen 4 times in the past 2 days. i was thinking that there was something wrong with me too, but since these guys say that it happens when you’re starting so i understand.

i haven’t done any lucidity increasing techniques when i start the dream. once i realize im dreaming i wake up very soon after.

i can’t wait till i get over this period, if i have as many lucid dreams as i have these lucid moments… i’ll be very happy :grin: .

well, i wish you very good luck with LD’s! hope you get over the lucid moments soon too. :content:

it’s hard to explain but you have to learn how to fight from waking up. When I am about to wake up gravity gets stronger and I get sluggish. I fight it and make myself to keep dreaming. When I over come this I can go on for a lot longer, and a lot more lucid.

ok one of my friends has told me somthin and it is a charm.

MOVE MOVE MOVE. this is the key i have also been told by ppl on this post if i stare at 1 thing to long i will awake (thanx pps) so keep moving.

grab onto somthin, this is one of the first things i ever did and it worked, u know holding onto the dream :smile:

oh well hope this helps


Try to fall asleep again if you wake it’s not so hard to just dive back to dream… tough i’m sure we all have our own techniques. I know i’m waking when i start to float higher and higher and there is fog everywhere… i just dive down :wink:

i agree with Dream Scape. just keep running or something, and go and tell your dream characters that you are having a lucid dream. :happy:

I totally agree with that, from my experience i have noticed the exact same thing… If i stand still on one spot, the dream just fades… But if im in constant motion, it seems to last longer.

Hey guys, thanks for all your help. Last night it paid off… although it was only about 30 seconds long, I was able to explore part of my dream before waking up! I had a lucid moment first, and I tried to focus on my hands but I lost it. I immediately fell back asleep and realized I was dreaming. I began spinning, but instead of worrying that I was about to wake up, I used the verbal commands. Everything went black and I thought to myself that the next thing I saw would be a dream scene, and it was! It was a courtroom, and I walked around for about thirty seconds before I woke up, looking at all of the DC’s faces. Thanks again for helping me out, everyone! I hope to have many more!