Im getting some results tonight!

Tride15: how long have you been trying? WILD is pretty tricky, you can’t expect to be successful with it in just a couple of days…

I agree with Jeff. Everyone has to find their own way to do WILD. Not every technique is good for everyone.

Hey guys,
Sounds like you got lots of good stuff going on. I am all wilded out after trying the last 3 nights :eek: . I am going to take a break for monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday night. I am gonna catch up on some ZzZzZz’s, but I will be back in this forum on Friday to see whats going on. Mark your calendars for Friday night we will have a Massive WILD fest! lol.
Hope to see you there. Leave some ideas for experiments or new techniques for WILDs for people to try. Jeff Im gonna try the “Im dreaming” chant tonight…take it easy all,

well i tried the past two nights, and i’m getting closer than ever i think… but still not quite getting it, it’s frustrating, but i’m gonna be patient :smile: .

anyways, on night one i woke up after sleeping 6 hours, read The Big WILD Topic Part 1-3 for about an hour, and went back to sleep. i counted to 100 about 2 times, and somewhere on the way to the 3rd 100 I felt a sinking feeling, as if i was sinking through the bed… then it just went back to normal, but then soon enough i got the sinking feeling again. before i got any farther i got excited and stopped counting for some reason. then fell asleep.

later that day i tried in the afternoon and my eyes twitched a lot, and blackness overcame me. but once again, asleep… :grrr:

i tried again last night with WBTB after 6 hours, read EWLD for an hour and tried again. this time i was falling asleep, and heard my parents talking in the kitchen. fell asleep, and when i woke up the clock said 4:30 so i figured out that them talking in the kitchen was impossible, and that it must of been hypnagogic sounds. i can’t believe i fell asleep again! i tried one more time this morning but i must have been way too awake cause i got up into the 700’s in my counting… so i just got up. maybe i should have kept going, but it’s hard.

i count one for every breath i take, so it took along time…

i will definately be participating in the WILD fest on friday. i’m just gonna do my regular MILD routine until then, cause like J05h, I’m WILDed out for now. good luck to all of you guys, keep us posted :smile:

Mind if I join you guys? I’ve got this whole week off so I can try as long as I like. Maybe even during the day :wink: A few months ago I actually successfully made it to the “Vibrations” I was attempting an OBE tho. Haven’t got it to work since then.

I try MILD but can I join too? I need to jump back into gear. Lately I haven’t even tried but this could help. Hopefully I have something to report tommorow.

well unfortunately i also did not have a wild. i’d wake up, look at that blackness and then fall asleep. i did that about 3 times and then just woke up entirely. i’m also starting to have a little bit of a lucid drought. i haven’t had one since friday :sad: so i guess i’m going to have to start trying again. it was fun while it lasted though. its also really good to see so many people wanting to join. i remember when it was just three of us…good luck to everyone else!

Good luck with the I am dreaming Chant Jo5h :smile:
Tell me the outcome lol…


well i didn’t have an LD, but i remember 2 of my dreams… but i recorded them during a FA and didn’t realize it :grrr: ! so when i got up, i had forgotten them and they were’nt in my dream journal! that just really sucks :sad:

Tried WILD last night but I failed again. I had other stuff on my mind.

But tonight might be different. I’m going to set my alarm to wake me up after 2 hours and then every 1-2 hours after that. Usually when I keep waking up in the night I have good dream recall, so I’m going to do this and write in my dream journal then try WILD everytime I wake up/go back to sleep. I’ll try staying up different times each time I wake up and see what seems to work. First time it goes off I’ll probably stay up for half an hour, then a couple minutes so I’ll be tired enough to dream right away and then I’ll decide how long to stay up next time it goes off.

If there’s not a good out come from all of this, I might try depriving myself of sleep Friday night. I got an OBE in December because I got little sleep and had a very light dream in the morning (around 8:00) and realized it. Not sure why it turned into an OBE but it did and it was ot pleasant :bored:

So, wish me luck!

I’m joinin’ the party guys. I haven’t really been trying WILD with very much enthusiasm. I usually just lie there in bed until I get bored and I just roll over and go to sleep.

I have gotten to the vibration and tingling part many times, but for some reason when I get there I always get this overwhelming feeling to move and open my eyes.

I realize how close I am, and tonight, (or this morning, I guess) I am going to give 100% and go WILD dammit!

Well, good luck to everybody, and wish me luck.