Im going to attempt WBTB tonight..

basically as the topic says im going to set my alarm to wake me up at 3:30am(about 4 hours of sleep in between) and then im planning to do HILD. Anyways, heres my questions:

  1. When im falling asleep for the first time(before WBTB) do you think i should just do basic MILD or something else?What have you done before that works well with WBTB?

  2. Once i wake up how long do you think i should stay awake, what should i do during this time?

  3. Once i go BACK to sleep, is HILD the best thing for me to do? Or do you think WILD works better, any just general tips?

Thanks, wish me luck:D

I don’t know if doing a MILD is the best thing to start with because wouldn’t that wake you up as soon as you have had a dream? :shrug:

hey man take some advice from the village idiot (me) do auto suggestion it gets you where your going fast :cool:

You’re the man! :smile: WBTB rules.

Read this:

I hope this helps. :smile:

I would try a WILD/MILD combination before you go to bed and a WBTB in the morning.

Hey everyone. I’m doing WBTB right now.


How did it go? did it work?