How to make sure your WBTB won't fail

I’d like to think of myself as a person who knows a lot about WBTB. I’ve been practicing it for 4 years, some months more consistently than others, and have come to realize that it is the most effective lucid dreaming technique - if you do it right.

In this article I will mention things to do during your hour of WBTB to guarantee a lucid dream when you return to bed.

Record your last dream with vivid detail. Try and recall the sights, sounds and senses of the dream with as much detail as possible and record them in your dream journal. Once you have fully recorded your dream, play it through your head, from start to finish, noticing anything that could have suggested you were dreaming. Once you have done this you are ready to get out of bed and officially start timing down your hour.

Take a nice warm shower to keep your body relaxed and sleepy while awakening your mind. Pay attention on how the water feels as it hits your body, how your soap smells and any other sense you are experiencing. The goal is to awaken your mind as much as possible while showering. After about 30 minutes, or however long it takes, get out, dry off and put on some warm clothes. Don’t wear anything to tight though, because you want to keep your body relaxed.

Get on ld4all! Now that your mind is fully awakened, bathe it in thoughts about lucid dreaming by reading and posting on these forums. Think about how much you want to have a lucid dream during this time and what you want to do. If you have a on screen subliminal messaging program, you can use it to increase your chances even more. Spend the rest of your time doing this while you…

Listen to music! Nothing that makes you sleepy though. Personally, I recommend techno or trance, because it is a solid beat that is fast paced and sure to keep your mind awake. Country, rap, rock, emo or whatever else that gets your heart pumping works. After the last 30 minutes is up do a reality check and…

Go back to bed! Get in the position you most commonly awaken in. Go over your dream one more time, from memory, and remember the sights, sounds and senses one more time.

You’re set! If you’ve done all of the above to a T, then you just raised your chances of having a lucid dream by more than 50%! From here proceed to do MILD, WILD, VILD, BUBILD, BILD, HILD or whatever other lucid dream induction technique you prefer. If you have a lucid dreaming brainwave or hypnosis CD, feel free to use it in addition to your technique to boost your chances even more.

Enjoy your time exploring the world of lucid dreaming!

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