BenDrummin58's SeaHome Party 2006! - LD4All's Largest SD

Chatroom: #SeaPartyHQ
Current Meeting Place: The Lucid Crossroads
Current Attendee Total: 42
Current Host Total: 1
Current Guest Total: 41

The time you need to go to sleep: (In GMT Format)
[Sleep means you need to go to sleep as you do everynight]
[Nap means you have to take a nap, which will make you dream instantly]

[color=darkred][i]**If your timezone is listed twice, that means you need to choose only ONE of the options. Be wise at your choice, for trying to fall asleep for real at 3 pm can be quite hard :tongue:

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: If you are using the below chart to attend one of the practice dreams, and you are a GMT+ user, then instead of July 29, 2006, it should be the date right after the practice dream date. (Example: if practice dream date was July 22, 2006, then you should replace the July 29, 2006 on the chart with July 23, 2006)**[/i][/color][color=darkblue]

GMT+12: (Nap)July 29, 2006 at 9:00 PM/21:00
GMT+3: (Nap)July 29, 2006 at 12:00 PM/12:00
GMT+3: (Sleep)July 29, 2006 at 6:00 AM/6:00 - WBTB at 12:00 PM/12:00
GMT+2: (Nap)July 29, 2006 at 11:00 AM/11:00
GMT+2: (Sleep)July 29, 2006 at 5:00 AM/5:00 - WBTB at 11:00 AM/11:00
GMT+1: (Nap)July 29, 2006 at 10:00 AM/10:00
GMT+1: (Sleep)July 29, 2006 at 4:00 AM/4:00 - WBTB at 10:00 AM/10:00
GMT-3: (Sleep)12:00 AM/00:00 - WBTB at 6:00 AM/6:00
GMT-4: (Sleep)11:00 PM/23:00 - WBTB at 5:00 AM/5:00
GMT-5: (Sleep)10:00 PM/22:00 - WBTB at 4:00 AM/4:00
GMT-6: (Sleep)9:00 PM/21:00 - WBTB at 3:00 AM/3:00
GMT-7: (Sleep)8:00 PM/20:00 - WBTB at 2:00 AM/2:00
GMT-8:(Sleep)7:00 PM/19:00 - WBTB at 1:00 AM/1:00
NOTE*** When I say WBTB at _____, that means you MUST be falling asleep by that time! If you exceed that time, you have the risk of not being able to join the party.
Don’t know your timezone in GMT format? Click here.

Is your time too early for you? (only for people not napping)
Well, here are some tips that you can follow to make sure you can go to bed easily:[/color]
:arrow_right: The day of the party, wake up so that you only recieved 3-5 hours of sleep for the previous night. This will make you REALLY tired because you missed out on your later cycles of sleep.
:arrow_right: Make sure you exercise (if you can) so that you become even more mentally and physically tired.
:arrow_right: Right before going to bed for the first time, drink warm milk (don’t let it sit out to be warm, put it in the microwave instead…don’t want to give you food poisoning!), which will put you to sleep very quickly. It is nature’s way of a sleep pill.

Is your timezone GMT+10 or higher?
Well, here are some tips that you can follow to make sure you can take a nap without falling in deep sleep:

:arrow_right: Make sure you sleep in as late as you can (at least until the afternoon) on the day that your time is.
:arrow_right: Don’t do things that could tire you in any way. Stay energized.
:arrow_right: Eat lots of food and go walking around if you can.
:arrow_right: When you take a nap at your set time, make sure you don’t act like you are sleeping. In other words, don’t go to sleep in a bed. Sit in a chair and watch TV or something so that you will drift off into a light-naplike sleep. This way, you will go straight to your REM cycle.

[color=darkred][b][i]NOTE*** I need to know your timezone (MUST be in GMT format) so that I can set a time that will be most comfortable for everybody. So please reply in this thread with it, especially if it isn’t already listed. Thankyou!!

Also, I have made icons for your signature, and if you would like to use them, scroll down to the bottom of this first post, and there will be code for each icon. The icons WILL be updated (because right now they aren’t that good) :smile:[/i][/b][/color]

Table of Contents
Setting your dream up
List of attendees
Icon codes

[color=blue][b]What exactly is this?
What about the different timezones?
What if I can’t get lucid?
So who exactly are the hosts, and what do they do?
But isn’t the average lucid dream around 5 minutes long?
Where is this “destination” where we start out at?
What happens after we are all there?

What exactly is this?[/b][/color]
[color=darkblue]The annual SeaHome Party takes place once a year at my paradise dreamscape: the Underwater SeaHome. Basically, everybody who wants to be there will establish a big shared dream with each other. Think of it as a massive multiplayer online game, but without the montly fee :razz:

Don’t know how to dream with somebody else? Well it’s real easy; but I’ll get to that part later :smile:

Anyways, my intent is to have all of LD4All (or at least a lot of people from here) meet up in this big shared dream and get to see each other and party. If you come, you will be able to see my extremely large underwater home, a fully detailed ocean that I have created myself, and you get to use all of my vehicles (my highly futuristic boats/planes/cars).[/color]

What about the different timezones?
[color=darkblue]This is easily solved. Since everybody lives everywhere and one’s day could be another’s night, we are all going to start at the exact moment (well kind of). When the time to sleep comes, if your area is in the night, then you will just go to sleep normally (may have to stay up later or go to bed sooner), and then you will wake up, intentionally, 6 hours later. If your area is in the day, then you have to wait 6 hours, then you have to take a nap (because during naps, you go straight to REM sleep). The time will be set so that the daytime people don’t have to take naps at like 8pm (because when it gets that late, you are going to fall in normal sleep cycles), which means the schedules may be a little off of your sleep routines (but not that much).

After the nighttime sleepers wake up 6 hours from going to sleep, all people attending the party will be awake at the same time, getting ready to go to sleep at the same time. Everybody will perform the selected techniques (which won’t make it hard to fall asleep for the nappers…but I’ll talk about that later), and then everybody will go to sleep. That’s when the fun begins :smile:[/color]

What if I can’t get lucid?
[color=darkblue]That’s no problem. There will be a list of people who want to join (which will be created here by you all RSVPing), and there will be a set destination that we will all program ourselves to go to on the set night(s) that we do this party.

On top of that, there will be hosts (described in the next section) that will make everybody lucid, if they aren’t already. (in other words you don’t even have to do anything to come to this party)

Even though you don’t have to, it’s recommended that everybody planning on going work on setting their dream up to start at that destination for a month prior to the actual party…because this puts a lot less stress on hosts.[/color]

So who exactly are the hosts, and what do they do?
[color=darkblue]Whoever wants to be one, can be one. Hosts have to memorize everybody that is going, and they have to make sure each and everyone of them is lucid at the time of the party. Hosts need to have lucid dreaming experience, and need to be pretty stable in getting them. (otherwise they can’t get people lucid!)

What they are going to do is, is go to the destination where everybody is supposed to start out their dream, and they will check to see if everybody is lucid or not. If they aren’t lucid, they make them lucid. If a person is not there, then the host will travel through a mirror that will take them to that specific person, and he/she will teleport them back to the destination after making them lucid.

After the part where everybody gets lucid, hosts can enjoy themselves just like everybody else. And since they have to work more than everybody else, they also get rooms for themselves at my seahome![/color]

But isn’t the average lucid dream around 5 minutes long?
Don’t even stress about that. There will be special drinks for everybody where we all start out our dream. Once finished, these drinks will make your lucid dream last for any set amount of time in the dreamworld. This time will be set when we figure out how long we want the party to last (could be a week long…who knows).

Where is this “destination” where we start out at?
[color=darkblue]More than likely, the Lucid Crossroads:

What will happen is, you will start your dream out in a small blank room with only one door. Once you go through that door with the intention of meeting up with one of the hosts, you will be at the Lucid Crossroads (show above).

That intention of meeting a host is important, because if you don’t set that intention, you might not link into the Shared Dream, which is why all people not seen there will be found by a host when the host goes through that mirror (also shown above).[/color]

What happens after we are all there?
[color=darkblue]As explained previously, we will all drink a cup of special liquid, and that will allow us all to have a pretty lengthy LD. Then, I will personally open a specific door at the Crossroads, that will lead us to a boarding station. This boarding station is not for my regular glass train (if you’ve ever heard about my SeaHome); instead, it’s for a newly built vehicle: a very luxurious submarine that looks kind of like this:

We will get on and you can go in any of the decks. There is a bar, a theatre, a sitting area, and an observation room.

Once settled in, the submarine will roam around the ocean until it finally reaches my SeaHome, where the real party begins. After riding down glass elevators from the boarding station, you can pretty much do anything you want. I have every room you can think of, including a teleporter room that can take you anywhere you want, at any period of time (like to the era of the dinosaurs). There will be lots of food and drinks, and performances by any band that you’d like.[/color]

For better chances of finding the party, it is best that you learn to set up your dream, so that you can start wherever you want. For ultamite results, you should practice any of the incubation techniques listed (given below), or any other that you’d prefer, every night up to and during the party day. This really isn’t a hard thing to accomplish, as long as you don’t make it hard.

The Incubation Techniques
[color=darkblue]You are NOT restricted to only use the following techniques (but you are STRONGLY recommended to check out the WBTB link, which will help a LOT in your becoming lucid). You may use any technique that you prefer (just make sure you vary it to make it start your dream out at the current destination, which is a small room with only one door that leads to the Lucid Crossroads)…I’m just simply giving you ideas. Also, if you are going to be a person that is going to sleep, and not taking a nap, during the party day, then you should do whatever technique that you do before you go to sleep, and after you wake up 6 hours from going to sleep for the best result.

The 100% Success Rate WBTB
This link describes just how you should go about in using the WBTB method. It is best to use WBTB along with any Incubation technique for a very very high success rate.

The Standard Incubation Tech
Before falling asleep, tell yourself, either in your head our outloud, in a firm voice that you WILL start out your dream lucid in a small room with only one door. You can even write down on a piece of paper that statement, and then you can sign your name (making it sort of a contract with your mind). Think nothing else of your intent, other than the intent itself (in other words don’t think that this won’t work). If you even begin to start wondering off, go straight back to thinking that you WILL start out your dream lucid in a small room with only one door.

Start falling asleep and try and visualize that small room with only one door. Also try and visualize yourself doing a RC and becoming lucid. (if you think it will help you, whisper the word “lucid” in your head while visualizing all of this to give a maximum effect)

Other Forms of Incubation
This thread I’m linking to has a whole bunch of different ways of incubating dreams. So, if you don’t like the above way, you may find something interesting here.
(Link provided by BlackAngel)

For the sake of having more space, I will link to this extremely long, but detailed, technique created by Pedro. This one is probably one of the best for visual people.

More techniques will be added if needed.

The Host(s):

The Guests:
Amused Himself to Death
Keys and Clocks
The Mad Hatter

[color=darkblue]I have created icons for both hosts and guests (only 2 are up right now) so that you can show the forum your presence in the first Massive Shared Lucid Dream in LD4All history! It also helps get this topic to every user (because not many travel to the Beyond Dreaming section), and ultimately allows our party to be really really big! BTW, you do NOT have to put these in your signatures, it’s only if you want to.

Also, these icons will be updated to prettier pictures, AND more icons will be added later for diversity.

[url=] [img][/img][/url]
[url=] [img][/img][/url]

I put a space in the code so it didn’t stretch the page anymore, remove it when you put the code in your sig

That’s pretty much all of the info that I have right now. There has already been one party at the SeaHome, but wasn’t really public. It just consisted of some of my friends that were into this stuff.

I’m mainly doing this because 1) I want to meet everybody on this forum, and 2) I want everybody to have the chance to experience the glory of Shared Lucid Dreaming. If you thought lucid dreaming in general was fun, just wait till you do it with friends…it gets 1000 times more awesome.

So, if you want to come to this already exciting party, reply back saying you want to come, and state whether or not you would like to become a host.

Also, there will be a poll put up soon so that you can see how many people are going to come to this party.

Hopefully everybody signs up!


Although I’ve been having a serious lack of LDs and I have substantial doubts about shared dreaming (as much as I’d like to believe it), I suppose I’ll sign up. Make me a believer Ben!

That sound like an interesting idea, but have you done this before? I’m just assuming you have, that is. Aww, what am I kidding myself? Count me in! Let’s just see if this shared dream really happens for me. :wink:

This sounds cool, doubt it’ll work for all of us though…(We don’t all sleep at the same time!).

There is, of course, the tiny possibility that you can meet with the guests, and hosts, sub-consciousness. That might be a problem… Wait, I speak the tounge of a fool! Sign me up! :cool_laugh:

/me signs up as Guest

I wanna be a guest :smile:

/me signs up as a guest (not enough LD’s those last times to be an host).

I’ll move your thread into the Beyond Dreaming forum, cause it’s about Shared Dreaming and Lucid Crossroads.

what a fantastic idea. i would sign up… but i am no good at inducing dreams myself at the moment, plus i’m a bit out of practise. holidays are in a few weeks (going to new zealand!) so i’ll try my best to practise as much as possible then. :smile:

fantastic idea. :smile:

Sorry about the wrong placement Basilus…thanks for moving it :smile:

satty, you don’t have to be good at inducing dreams. I do ask that if you sign up, you at least try a bit to be able to start your dream out at the Crossroads, but if you can’t, that’s ok. That’s why we have hosts who can teleport to wherever you are!

As for the time issue, I am well aware of that situation, and kind of forgot to put it in the first post. (which I’m about to do)

And stop having doubt that this will work! That’s nonsense! Almost all of you have had Shared Dreams, but you probably don’t even know it. What if some of those DCs weren’t fake… They couldv’e been anybody from the real world, just having a regular ND (which explains why they still act like a robot). I’m not saying that that’s the case, I’m just saying to leave your minds open on this one. What if you didn’t believe in Lucid Dreaming when you first heard of it, and you didn’t even try to persue it because of that doubt…look at all that you would’ve missed out on.

I know as a fact that Shared Dreaming IS possible. How? Because I, like many others, have experienced it intentionally. And it wasn’t just the 2 of us (me and my shared dream buddy) saying that we had the same dream…we actually switched passwords made up in the dream, and we repeated them to each other in real life.

You too will see that it’s real… Maybe it’s just one of those things where you have to see to believe.

I would like to join as guest. However it is on July 28, 2006. The last time I’m probably able to look on LD4all before that time is July 23. Is that a problem? I mean I can still dream, but if you say something important I might miss it.

I might be able to peek in some times too, so I hope it’s not a problem :content:

That’s not a problem. Within the next week I will be announcing the exact time in which we all need to start dreaming. Just make sure any questions you have are asked before then :grin:

Sign me up as a host. :smile:

One question: How do we all start dreaming at the same time?

EDIT: Oh, and for all of you non believers. You will see. I have had a shared dream before with a lucid dreamer from another forum (that dealt with more than lucid dreaming. More occult stuff).

I have no doubts about my ability to travel to the lucid crossroads and jump into anyone’s dream.

Ben and I can and will enter your dreams.

Woot for Darxide!

The answer to your question is in my first post under the FAQ question “What about the different timezones?”. As for exact dream timing, that will be no problem. REM periods are 1 hour and 30 minutes long each, after the first 6 hours of sleep (or if you are taking a nap they range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half). So basically, if everybody goes to sleep as planned, we will all be in the dreamworld at the exact same time (whether that be at the beginning/middle/or end of a REM stage).

Little update too…I’ve added a bunch of stuff on the first post. Things like what you need to be doing up to and during the scheduled party day. My suggestion is that you guys start trying to incubate dreams (doesn’t necessarily have to be lucid either), so that way you will be a pro when it comes time for the party :smile:

This seems so rediculously cool. I really really hope this works. God i cant wait!

I’ll start incubating the dream tonight. A small solid white room with one red door in front of me should be easy as cake to incubate. Then I’ll just add my lucidity and it will be time to rock and roll. :smile:

May I also suggest you recruit R3TRO and Freecube as hosts? They are experts.

R3TRO & Freecube are the ones that motivated me and allowed me to create the SeaHome. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I was today in lucid dreaming. (these guys are the ones that started the whole ‘create your own dreamscape’ where you would start your dream out in that spot) Unfortunately, it is to my understanding that they don’t even come here any more…and I am out of contact with them.

If they do happen to pop up here though, it would be nice if they came aboard :smile:

And Contage…I’m afraid I can’t wait either!!
/me goes to sleep just so he can be at his SeaHome.

/me applies as guest :cool:

I believe that I’ve read somewhere from a member on this forum that shared dreams don’t have to be simultaneous. I forgot what thread it was, and who said it; all I can be sure of is that it’s a member who isn’t very active on the forum. They seemed to know a lot about shared dreaming and were experienced with it.

If only I could remember who it was…:ack:

this one?
For anyone who is interested: here is a link to a Dream Incubation topic.

May I ask you why you called it SeaHome?

Cause it’s a home on the sea.