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i didnt have a lucid dream with this, but i know its because i didnt follow it right, i didnt stack everything, im going to try it again, and ill tell you what happ!enes

There comes a big announcement?

Ok, I’m curious now, Ben, what’s that supposed to mean?

Yeah the course is structured how it is for a specific and effective reason. Try not to stray from it, and you’ll find yourself with much more results. I know it’s a hard bit to go through (especially on the higher days), but as you will see, it is very much well worth it!

All I can say, and will say, is that there was more than one message in that secret. Whatever you decipher from it is simply what it means, if it’s indeed what I intended for you to see :tongue: . Either way, it’s a pretty big deal, more so than previous announcements, and it will be revealed in due time. I can’t flat out say it, for it’s not ready, but at least I can still tease with it, lol.

I would like to point out something about the Infinity User Survey. Some of you are taking the survey, saying that you didn’t even finish the required 8 days. Specifically, one put 3 days as the total use of the program. Well, if you carefully read the text in both this thread and the actual survey, it says that you must have completed at least 8 days of the course; therefore, I will not count your submission as it provides faulty information. With that said, I encourage you to go the full 8 days, for anything less is not enough. The first 8 days of the program are really leading up to the actual time period that lucid dreams are most expected, which is the week following the 8 days. Before the 8th day is really when you are getting a feel for what you have to do to obtain a lucid dream. So, just make sure you have reason to quit prior to the recommended 15 day mark (8 days plus a week).

Other than that, I continue to appreciate all who are taking the survey, and I will, as I have been, post updated results this weekend!

Yism, i got “there comes a sea party”


Maybe sumthin about sealife?

No, not sealife. this was a seahome party :wink:


well that’s a godly idea.

I had an idea like that once, but mine i think would be pretty much impossible :razz:

actually, no. not impossible. nothing is impossible. just really hard to pull off :happy:

/me wants to hear of this idea! :cool:

I thought it would be cool to basically do an MMO Lucid Dream, with tons of people, and one person as the “god”. This person would create and manage the world. Then we could have a huge war or something in the world, because how much fun would taht be? a lot.

Expanding on the idea, i came up with the scenario that the world would die in like one lucid month. That is, the apocalypse was coming and this would be the last great battle until the end.

That would be so cool on many levels, but like i said, HARD AS HELL to pull off.

Maybe someday…

Actually, you’d be surprised at how entirely easy it is to accomplish a shared dream.

You know, if you wouldn’t mind, I have a current project that I’m developing, and I could use you. There’s already another member in with it, and if you join, I think you could be a massive help in initiating and executing the development; plus, you’ll get to learn all the awesome secrets that nobody else can know about for several months. If you’re interested TheRealJollyRoger, please PM me your email.

I didn’t really read through the Seadome party topic, but it doesn’t seem possible to me…

I just doubt that you could actually get us to make it into one shared dream.

And what if we wake up in the middle of it? Is someone going to get us again, or are we dropped out of it?

I think it’s definitely possible, just improbable.

Hard to coordinate.


I for one believe in shared dreaming. In the realm of our mind, there are no limits. It’s not like a phone conversation, where you can only have 2 people talking (or more with flash, but whatever). Its more like a chatroom…

…a chatroom that a lot of people don’t know about and has a hard time loading on some computers :help:

shared dreams, I reckon those are possible.

Humans can convey emotion to other humans, why not convey dreams? Well I don’t mean radio waves coming out of people’s heads… I mean, like, us humans don’t really understand hardly anything about anything really - so it could happen.

As said earlier, whatever you decipher from all my secrets is what it is. With that said, whatever the secret really means, will be completely explained when the time comes, which should get rid of some of the excessive doubts that you may have.

As for the random shared dreaming conversation, it’s quite possible. Of course, nobody knows for certain how or what shared dreaming truely is, but there are theories. My theory is that we are in fact linked to each other somehow on an unconscious mental level. I just think of our brains as having some sort of human wi-fi. Is it really so hard to believe? We don’t know what a lot of our brain does, or what it’s capable of. We are smarter than super computers and can function like no else. So why would it be out of the ordinary if we could do such things as shared dreaming?

Regardless, shared dreaming is pretty hard to comprehend without actually experiencing it. Once you do though, you’ll find just how hard it is to even begin explaining it. So, don’t be too much of a skeptic about it just because you haven’t gone through with it. If you’re going to do that, you might as well say Lucid Dreaming doesn’t exist… :neutral:

That lucid curse thing…is it a real curse? Or is it just some hypnotic…thing?

hypnotic. Helps you enter trance

I’d more call it a blessing (although i’m not sure that the MP3 itself is what helped me get LDs, or just a mix of a lot of techniques)

I use cured 2, idk why i just like it.

There Comes a sea party…

i think i get it…


Why you so stupid!? you no hungry for shared dreams, you hungry for Hot Pockets! -.-

But seriously, I never said I didn’t believe in shared dreaming, I was only stating that one big shared dream (or chatdream, hehehe) would be extremely hard and I don’t see how you could pull it off. I do beleive that shared dreaming is possible, and for the reason that Ben just explained. And I was confused as to what would happen if someone dropped out by accident (or maybe for some reason, purpose)

And getting off of that subject, I refferred my friend who, since trying, has only had one LD and hardly any recall improvement, and even though he only tried for a month (I don’t even think that long), quit and called me crazy for trying. Every time I mention something about dreaming he gets annoyed. I told him to go through this course, and if it doesn’t work, I’d leave him alone about dreaming. Little does he know of its 100% success rate.

Well, as I said earlier, never rule anything out if you haven’t tried it yet. As for the what will happen when somebody drops out, well that’s the messed up part. Shared Dreaming is only hard not because of finding people, but because of not knowing whether or not they are real to begin with. Only can you know for sure after you wake up and ask them. With that in mind, when you really do meet up with somebody in a dream, and they wake up suddenly while you are still dreaming, you want to know what happens? Well, on your view, nothing, lol. They may disappear, which has very rarely been witnessed by myself, but mostly they just turn into DCs, and if that’s the case, you won’t know they woke up until you do yourself.

Hah, cool. Hopefully he doesn’t stray from what you’re supposed to do though. I look forward to hearing about his results :cool: .

It’s that time again for survey results! This is the final update for the survey. As said from the beginning, the survey was only planned to be up for a period of 3 weeks. Each week would give a clue as to how the final product would turn out. Well, the finish line is here, and the statistics are ready.

I am very pleased to announce that over the course of these 3 weeks from the people who submitted, there was a 100% success rate in using Infinity! That means, everybody who took the survey had at least one lucid dream. To acquire such results is truely exciting and rewarding for me, and I just hope more and more will be able to use this to obtain their first lucid dream.

Thank you again to all who have downloaded Infinity, and to those who have tested it, surveyed it, and given feedback about it. Without you, this would be nothing.

And now, the official results for Infinity: