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[size=142]“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Confucius[/size][/color]

Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58
Tested by: above-clouds, Duck, eddy, indianinks, Volvonerd, rarebreed, barrel roll[/color]

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What is Infinity?
How does the program work?
How much time do I have to take out of my day to do this?
Are there any guarantees in using this program?
How did the testers react to the program?
Is this free?
What are the statistics so far for Infinity based off of users?

What is Infinity?
The purpose of Infinity is basically to allow the user to have lucid dreams in the time frame of 1 to 2 weeks. The idea is for people to use this to get out of dry-spells or for new-comers to use this to have their first lucid dream.

How does the program work?
Unlike LucidWarp, Infinity will be a little more solid technique based. It’s a day to day plan where you basically keep adding on more and more activities to a routine that you establish. The idea is to put your mind on over-load so that you have a lucid dream no matter what. By no means will this program give you the ability to lucid dream at will; however, it might put you in the right direction. By using this training software to have much needed lucid dreams, you’ll obtain more motivation and will be much more fit to persue the art of lucid dreaming on your own. Think of this as a powerful kickstart to get you going.

How much time do I have to take out of my day to do this?
Lucid dreaming takes dedication and practice, and all I can say is the amount of time necessary is completely up to how much you are willing to do. If you go full throttle with this, then as the days in the training progress, you will spend ultimately up to around 30 minutes to 50 minutes a night. Now, after that training period, you can spend as little as no time and still achieve lucidity. As said before, everything is completely up to how you function.

Are there any guarantees in using this program?
Guarantees are risky to make, but if everything goes as planned (that is if everybody sees this program the way I do) then a user should be able to have at least one lucid dream within a week of using this. Might sound long to some, but it certainly is short enough for others who might be on a dry-spell.

How did the testers react to the program?
Each tester was able to accomplish their main goal, making Infinity a 100% success in this testing period. Each person had at least 2 lucid dreams. One had up to 11 lucid dreams. This all proves that if you are on a dry-spell or desire your first Lucid Dream, Infinity is definitely a considerable option.

Is this free?
Like all of my software, Infinity is 100% freeware and is of no cost what-so-ever to you. Every program released here is completely dedicated to LD4All, and with that, it would be nonsense to charge. Besides, knowledge shouldn’t have a price.

What are the statistics so far for Infinity based off of users?

Well that’s it for the FAQs, if you have any more that should be added, feel free to ask on here!

An excerpt from Infinity:

I am looking forward to this very much. Question: I have been having various lucid moments in my dreams for the past few weeks, and I feel a break through coming. This product won’t affect my (hopefully) soon-to-be mastery of lucid dreaming will it?
Second question: Will I have to do remember to do various things throughout the day like in lucidwarp? That might be a problem because I barely remember to do RCs :razz:

Edit: Congrats on 1000 posts!!!

benDrummin, i can’t WAIT to try this out!! I do hope this works, because I’m desperate to have lucid dreams

Sounds gooood! So, if I got this right, this is a guide of some sort, giving suggestions each day on what to do to get lucid dreams?

Thankyou for the congratulations :tongue: I was saving the 1000th post for this one…lol.

Not sure what you are asking, but if it’s what I think it is, this will not ruin your mastery, but rather fortify it. As for remembering various things during the day, it’s all completely up to you. I mean it when I say this program doesn’t do much for you, but rather shows you what to do for yourself. I don’t know if that makes sense, but hopefully it’ll be clear once you see it. If I say anything more, I’ll ruin the surprise of the program :smile: Just know that this allows you to run things the way you want to, but still give you the same awesome result.

Yeah we all become desperate for LDs once in a while, and it’s my hopes to get rid of that feeling :smile: I’m glad your excited, it’s good to have some motivation and anxiousness; boosts up your chances for a lucid dream tonight! :wink:

More or less, yes. Not so much suggestions though. But a little bit like that :smile: It has the same goal as the LucidWarp has, which is to strengthen your lucid dreaming ability in hopes of leading you to be able to lucid dream at will (or at least get on the right path to do so).

Anyways, this project is coming along, and I’m actually testing it out myself (the technique that is), and so far I’m seeing some pretty vivid results. Pretty exciting stuff :content:

You’re very vauge. Is it a motivational course?

A software that helps to learn lucid dreaming at will ? Sounds really interesting, that kind of willpower is reached mostly after long time of traning or natural lucid dreaming abilities. If Infinity is able to make that all time into week, it’s really worth attention. Good luck with that project, BenDrummin.

I’m vauge for the sake of not making solid promises yet. This program still needs to be widely tested first.

Well, it’s actually completely up to the user for being able to LD at will after this. Some people may have different results than others, and that’s expectable. But you are correct, LDing at will comes with practice and training, which is why I said this program will at least put you on the right track. LucidWarp, my last project, was intended to get the user to LD at will, but sadly that didn’t really go as planned, lol. The way I wrote it out was confusing to some, and I think just overall it is a bit difficult to sit down and clearly tell somebody how they can LD at will.

Just think of this program as a performance course type thing. You will go full throttle by using various methods all into one technique to sort of condition yourself so that you can have a lucid dream.

Hopefully that cleared up some questions. :content:

If you need people to test it before you want to release it to the forum I’ll be more than glad to try it out as I still haven’t had my first lucid dream.

I have an announcement to make. The program is going along smoothly, and I’m going to be putting up registration for testers tomorrow, December 24 2006. It will be a site where you basically put your username and email and then you will hit submit so that you will be put into a list. I will leave the registration site up until Wednesday, January 3 2007. On that day, I will choose at random 5 people, and those will be the ones who test. Testing will begin, if you are a tester of course, on Monday, January 8 2007, and will end on Tuesday, January 23 2007.

Reason why I’m doing this whole registration stuff is because I want other people to test, rather than the same people I know. I need constructive critism and such, not just “Oh that’s good.” :tongue: Plus, I’m trying not to overcrowd the thread and my email box with offers to test (which I do appreciate btw :smile: ). Just trying to be more organized than I have been, so that this software can be better than LucidWarp.

So anyways, that’s that. The site goes up tomorrow, just thought I’d give somewhat of a heads up (just in case you are going out of town and still want to test).

As said, the tester registration site is now online. Once you get there, simply read and fill out the form, hit submit, and you’re finished!

You will be notified if you are a tester on Wednesday, January 3 2007.

EDIT: Link taken out, registration has ended.

Ok, I’ll register. :smile: I hope it doesn’t interfere with my everyday (student-) life?

A shame though, my holidays are over the moment the test begins… :roll:

I just send my registration for tester. I’m curious for results, and if I will learn LDing at will, thing I’d really like to do… :grin: if i will be chosen of course :peek:

Edit: I wanted to ask, you mentioned main site in form, could you put link to main Infinity page ? I cannot find it.


Just a reminder, registration ends 26 hours from now :smile:

BTW to all concerned, this method, if that’s what you want to call it, really doesn’t take much time out of your day. Most of your activities are done at night, and will only add 30-45 minutes max to your regular nightlife (but you could do as little as 15 minutes).

Anyways, talk to you all wednesday!

I’m an hour soon…but oh well. Registration has now ended. I will send an email to all that applied tomorrow afternoon (It’s now around 10:30 pm on Tuesday for me) telling you whether or not you are testing.

Thanks to all that signed up! I’m pretty excited to see what these tests will bring.

Ok, testers have been chosen. If you were one, you should have recieved an email (if not, then contact me personally). The testers are: above-clouds, Duck, eddy, indianinks, and Volvonerd. In the email, you should see a .txt file with instructions. Read them and see what you need to do as soon as possible, so you can be ready to go on Monday.

For everybody else that registered, thankyou, and sorry you were not chosen. But look at it this way, you get to see the better version, and not the buggy one. :smile:

That’s all for today.

D’oh! I catch this topic after the registration ends. I should have watched for it more…

Sorry The Mad Hatter :sad: . Look at it this way though, you get to see the better version, rather than the buggy one. :content:

Anyways, I sent the Infinity BETA email to all testers yesterday (Sunday), and apparently it didn’t get out to all because of my computer being, well, dumb. So I sent another email today to everybody again, so if you haven’t already, check your inbox. I apologize if this messes some of you up, because timezones may put you at Tuesday right now, which means you will be a day behind in testing; but that’s ok.

So yeah that’s that. The testing process for Infinity has officially begun :smile: . I too will be testing it along with the other 5 testers, even though I’ve already used it. Just wanting to do it for fun and to see what results I would get again :cool: .

For anybody not testing, the expected release date of the Infinity final build is Friday, January 26 2007, which is closer than you think :wink: .

If you don’t mind me being overly curious,

But what techniques will this be using? Visual, auditory or completely user triggered?
I understand if you don’t want to answer that, but please tell me what kind of LD this is supposed to induce, I’m a natural master of RC’s, but I really want to try out another method because it seems to me that if you enter the dream world conciouss you’d have more control, instead of already being in a story with set rules.