the BIG LD aid software list

This topic is to collate all software that’s available on the forum and the main site. Please add links below (i’m lazy :tongue:) (either to the direct download or the forum topic it’s discussed in, or both) and then I’ll add them to this list so we have an overview of all software.

(the main list will probably be moved to Knowledge Base when it’s finished)

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LD software

By Bendrummin58:
Paradiso (currently being tested)
The Lucid Dreaming Digibook
Infinity (includes 3 hypnotic mp3’s)

A list of hypnotic mp3’s packed in a zip file.

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[url][software] Paradiso - PDF Available] Paradiso
[url]The Lucid Dreaming Digibook [2.0 REVEALED]] The Lucid Dreaming Digibook
[url][software] LucidWarp (old)] LucidWarp
[url][software] Infinity - PDF Available] Infinity (includes 3 hypnotic mp3’s)

These are all of them from BenDrummin58.

[url]Free Lucid Dreaming Subliminal and Hypnotic MP3's] A list of hypnotic mp3’s packed in a zip file.

[url][software] You Are Dreaming software] Dodobird’s You Are Dreaming software

w00t first post!!

Not much software here. I believe someone on the LD4all chat gave this to me. I have no clue who created this. (Sorry, foggy memory). Author: unknown. The program slides, during various intervals, text over your screen that encourage RCs. (Very customizable program.)

Paradiso is no longer being tested.

Another one, is my Daldom, an LD audio induction software:
topic: [Daldom - LD audio induction software)
My Dream Diary program.

I’ve had a bit of trouble finding a good dream journal program. But I did find a very customizable personal wiki called notebook. link:

It had a built-in log system that allowed you to write one entry per day. I wanted to have one entry per dream so I created my own code by customizing the default code + reading up a little on the language used.

Each log entry get a number and a title upon creation. The number is trailed by a given amount of zeros so that it will stay ordered in the wiki-index. and the log names look like this “Dream 00004 - The dragon of the west” Within the entries there is first a title, then a record date with built in search function that looks like this"Recorded at: 2008-02-23" If you click on “2008” you will find all your dreams that year. “02” shows all dreams that month of that year. “23” shows all the dreams of that day.

Since this is also a wiki, you can add all kinds of pages like techniques, quests and so on. I have a specific page with all the RC’s I know so that I can train them and make them fluent. You can also format your pages with basic html formating like (for mono spaced text) and so on.

This wiki also has a search function, so you can easily find dreams with common themes. Searching for “pirate” will show a list of all the dreams with pirates in them. Only problem with this is that searching for short words like “cat” will show results for “CATch”.

oh, and here’s my codes:

SPOILER - Click to view
#Tcl -- Enter new commands below

proc dreamlog {} {
    set pattern {[0-9]* - [a-zA-Z]*}
    set plist [lsort -increasing  [pages "Dream $pattern"]]
    set output "\[%Add entry|addlog%\]\n\n"
    foreach name $plist {
        append output [string trimright "\n:\[$name\]"]
    return $output

proc addlog {} {
    set zeros 4
    set current [current]
    set pattern {[0-9]* - [a-zA-Z]*}
    set plist [lsort -decreasing  [pages "Dream $pattern"]]
    set date [clock format [clock seconds] -format "%Y-%m-%d"]
    set last [lindex $plist 0]
    set num [lindex [split $last " "] 1]
    set num [forceInteger $num]
    set num [expr {int($num)+1}]
    set input [askfor "Dream name"]
    set zeros [expr {$zeros+1-[string length $num]}]
    set stringnum ""
    for {set i 0} {$i < $zeros} {incr i} {
    append stringnum "0"
    append stringnum $num
    set name "Dream $stringnum - $input"
    edit-page $name $name "\[\@dreampage\@\]\nRecorded: $date\n\n "


proc dreampage {} {
    set current [current]
    set pattern {[0-9]* - [a-zA-Z]*}
    set plist [lsort -decreasing  [pages "Dream $pattern"]]
    set last [lindex $plist 0]
    set num [lindex [split $last " "] 1]
    set dream {dream [0-9]*}
    set output ""
    append output "\[%Previous|[list goto-previous-page [current] $dream*]%\]"
    append output " - \[%Index|goto-page \"Dreamlog\"%\] - "
    append output "\[%Next|[list goto-next-page [current] $dream*]%\]"
    append output "\n\n"

    return $output       

proc logSearch { searchtext } {
    showsearch $searchtext

proc forceInteger { x } {
    set count [scan $x %d%s n rest]
    if { $count <= 0 || ( $count == 2 && ![string is space $rest] ) } {
        return -code error "not an integer: \"$x\""
    return $n

proc dreamDate {dreamdate} {
    set dreamdate [split $dreamdate "-"]
    set year [lindex $dreamdate 0]
    set month [lindex $dreamdate 1]
    set day [lindex $dreamdate 2]
    set yearPattern "Recorded: $year-\[0-9\]*-\[0-9\]*"
    set monthPattern "Recorded: $year-$month-\[0-9\]*"
    set dayPattern "Recorded: $year-$month-$day"
    set output ""
    append output "Recorded: "
    append output "\[%$year|showsearch \"@dreamDate $year-\"%\]"
    append output "-\[%$month|showsearch \"@dreamDate $year-$month-\"%\]"
    append output "-\[%$day|showsearch \"@dreamDate $year-$month-$day\"%\]"
    return $output

You put this in the page called “User code”.

And then you paste this into whatever page you want to have your journal in:


The rest should be automated, if you have any problems or tips for improvement, please PM me :smile:

And also, if you get an error upon creating your first entry, create a new page called “Dream 00000 - Lah lah!”. You can remove this page later.

forum topic: [Guaranteed Method of LD induction...i think..maybe....)
google page discription + download:
direct download:

Paradiso and the others by the same author seem to be broken.

if you go to google and type like paradiso.rar you’ll find links and forums to download it :smile: thats what i did

I’m fully aware that all of my software links do not work and am trying to find an effective server to put them on (that’s free). Sorry for any inconveniences! :smile:

I have uploaded all of my software. Simply click the logo below to see the respected software.

Thank you!

  • Ben

Here a software for DJ and Dream mapping. Kinda simple but effective.

Perhaps Lucille should be added?

It’s a small freeware program that gives you Reality Checks at custom time intervals, and it’s totally customizable.

Just adding a comment here.

None of those links work, as in when you click them and go to the post - the download links in the posts doesn’t work.

The links related to my software on the first post are incorrect. If you look at a post a few up from yours, you’ll see all of the updated software threads. I had to make new ones since the old ones all each had way too many replies.

Here is a thread giving the new links:
[url][software] BenDrummin58's Lucid Dreaming Software]

Extremely useful softwares: