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[color=darkblue][size=150]“Searching for paradise is only a matter of searching within.” Anonymous[/size]

Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58
Tested by: Li10, Nachician, The Mad Hatter, and TheRealJollyRoger[/color]

Coming soon!

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What is Paradiso?
How does the program work?
What’s your dreamscape like?
How much time do I have to take out of my day to do this?
Are there any guarantees for this program?
Is this free?
An excerpt from Paradiso

What is Paradiso?
Paradiso is the next step in the lucid dreaming saga. First it was The Lucid Dreaming Digibook, which showed you the techniques, then it was Infinity and LucidWarp, which showed you how to use the techniques to induce a lucid dream, and now it’s Paradiso, the program to show you not only a creative way to induce lucidity, but also to show you one of the best powers to use while lucid: dreamscape creation.

Have you ever wanted to construct your own dreamscape, full of anonymous objects and pleasures all from your choosing? Not only that, but would you want to have that dreamscape appear whenever you wanted to, whether you were lucid or not? Well, I’m hear to tell you that this task is not an impossible one, but rather a simple and fun one.

As more and more lucid dreamers enter this realm of dreamscape creation, many others are desiring the same satisfaction of being able to construct their own world. The problem is, many don’t know how, or where to start. Thus, I’ve created Paradiso, which provides descriptions, techniques, and advice on how to make all of this possible, leaving the user with one awesome result.

With this, you can create your very own extensive environment, and you can put anything you want in it. You could even put dream characters and signs up that have the sole purpose to tell you that you are lucid. Start the dream out in this environment all the time, then you can gurantee paradise and lucidity right from the beginning!

How does the program work?
Like Infinity and LucidWarp, this program will be course outlined; that is, it will have days with steps within them that will all add up to give you your final result. Also like Infinity, this program is intended to allow the user to have their goal, which is getting their dreamscape to come to life, up and running within a small time frame.

The techniques used in this program are not yet eligable for releasing, but I can say that most, if not all, have been seen before.

What’s your dreamscape like?
Hah, fun part, lol. I won’t go in to much detail, for length sake.

Basically, my dreamscape is an underwater glass house, located 500 feet beneath the surface. To get in, I have a small island on the water’s surface that has a small building. Inside that building is a reception desk, along with a glass elevator. The elevator obviously leads down to the home.

There are many rooms. Some of my favorites are a portal room, which allows me to easily go wherever I want; a huge kitchen, which has much awesome food; a living area, which has a massive screened tv that plays jibberish, lol, and some really nice couches; a hangar that holds boats, cars, and airplanes; a white load room which basically is for me spawning DCs and fighting them and for me testing my lucid powers; and a view room, which allows me to look through screens that show wherever I want ( i’ve tried using this for shared dreaming, no luck yet ).

How much time do I have to take out of my day to do this?
If you’ve used Infinity, I can firmly say that you won’t have to spend nearly as much time on this. For people who haven’t, expect around a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes a night. Note, I said maximum.

Are there any guarantees for this program?
I don’t like guarantees, but people still ask me all of the time, lol. All I can say is, if everything goes as planned, you will accomplish your goal. Testing of this program didn’t go as positive as I would’ve liked them to be. Variations of dreamscapes were indeed incubated, but not ever in 100% detail. Additionally, if you’re looking to incubate lucidity and nothing more, I highly recommend checking out Infinity (like above) instead. This program was really intended for dreamscape creation.

Is this free?

An excerpt from Paradiso

How can I daydream on a more vivid level?
(as is required on day one…)

my main daydreaming expierience came from practice.
i find new ways to think, to literatly visualise what i am thinking of, in any way, form, or fashion i want.
of course, ive been doing this since i was 7, so i cant gurantee you’ll even get that much better in the first week…
to start the process, if you cant already, i would try thinking in words, hearing the words in your mind as you think them out, its hard to excplain, and no, its not the same as hearing voices in your head.
then work your way up, to pictures, then videos, then creating things from your mere thoughts, but most people already think in 3 of those ways.

Similarly to the other programs, the links for Paradiso is also dead.
If anyone could upload it, that’d be awesome.

By the way, is “The Goods” link the same as the one used in the Infinity program?

To everybody:

I know that my courses are no longer on the once listed servers. I have intentionally taken them off. I am currently working on revisions for not only this course, but for all of my other courses linked from this forum. Upon completion, you will be able to download a PDF version of Infinity, Paradiso, The Lucid Dreaming Digibook, and Lucid Warp.

Until then, I ask that those of you who have temporarily hosted my files take it down immediately. I will be asking the moderators to remove any and all links.

Thank you all for the continued use of my courses and I hope for those of you who haven’t used them yet that you’ll stick around for the official download! Expect to see something by the end of February.

move the threads then. I’m afraid that people will stumble here looking for something great only to see that the files are gone and that they have to wait.

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um. so where is it?

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Where is the actual download link? I’ve looked all over for it?

There is no Download link. BenDrummin has removed them and is currently in the process of remaking his programs. Check the link mattias posted for more details.