[software] The Lucid Dreaming Digibook

BenDrummin is currently remaking all of his software packages and no download links are available at this time. Topic locked until his new project is complete :tardis:

Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58

Coming soon!

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General Information
The Lucid Dreaming Digibook is a very handy resource containing a plethora of techniques that are both known, and not known. With this program, you can learn what each technique actually is, and how to perform them, so that you can become a master of techniques. Listed below is all of the tutorials provided with the download. If you any method that you believe should be included in the software, please feel free to post it in a reply to this thread.

Tutorials Provided
Lucid Dreaming
Incubation Techniques
• Autosuggestion
• Character Assisted Lucid Dream (CALD)
• Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT)
• Chaining
• Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD)
• Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)
• Hand Focusing
• Incubation
• Letter Induced Lucid Dream (LILD)
• Memory Enhanced Lucid Dream (MELD)
• Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)
• Music / Sound
• Object Induced Lucid Dream (OILD)
• Punishment Induced Lucid Dream (PILD)
• Reality Checks
• Reward Induced Lucid Dream (RILD)
• Statement Induced Lucid Dream (SILD)
• Thirst Induced Lucid Dream (TILD)
• Urination Induced Lucid Dream (UILD)
• Visually Induced Lucid Dream (VILD)
• Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)
• Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD)

While Lucid
• How to stay lucid
• How to gain better control
Shared Dreaming
• Introduction to Shared Dreaming
Dream Recall
• How to maintain dream recall

To everybody:

I know that my courses are no longer on the once listed servers. I have intentionally taken them off. I am currently working on revisions for not only this course, but for all of my other courses linked from this forum. Upon completion, you will be able to download a PDF version of Infinity, Paradiso, The Lucid Dreaming Digibook, and Lucid Warp.

Until then, I ask that those of you who have temporarily hosted my files take it down immediately. I will be asking the moderators to remove any and all links.

Thank you all for the continued use of my courses and I hope for those of you who haven’t used them yet that you’ll stick around for the official download! Expect to see something by the end of February.

Thanks for making these programs
and keep up the good work :content:

Can’t wait to try your stuff
Will be waitin :happy:


Whats going on with this now?
I’m not nagging for you to finish or what not,
just curious… :peek:

Sounds really cool. I’ll be waiting :happy:

I am awaiting for your completion, and as i hadn’t tried any of your softwares, i have a question… Only PDF versions? Aren’t they softwares?

has this gone anywhere? I would really like lucidwarp please

BenDrummin is currently remaking all of his software, so none of it is available for download at the moment.