Free Lucid Dreaming Subliminal and Hypnotic MP3's

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to put all my lucid dreaming mp3’s that i’ve collected over the years into one big 100mb zip file to share with everyone. The zip file contains 4 hypnotic lucid dreaming MP3’s, 2 subliminal lucid dreaming MP3’s, and 1 induction MP3 to get you hypnotised.

These are really good tracks to help attain lucidity, and they work like a charm. Enjoy! :smile:

Link: … m-zip.html

Thanks, ill give them a try. :smile:

All right! thanks!

The download is rather slow, but it’ll finish eventually…

It was 7 hours into the download and my brother logged off the internet… Now I have to load it all over again

I’ll download them tommorow.

Any idea if they’ll work on naps, I really shouldn’t experiment on these right before school :???:

I have uploaded it to another site if you are finding it too slow

its in 2 parts
LINK 1: …
LINK 2: …

Awesome thanks so much!

Is this the technique called WILD … where youre body can get paralyzed and stuff… I would rather not wanna do that… its scary

Thanks, :smile: . Ill give them a try.

Hewletter these are just used to assist you in whatever technique you want to try. Some of the hypnosis ones your just supposed to listen to and they will put you into a trance (they give instructions). But for the most part just use the WBTB method and play one of these as you drift back to sleep.

Do I have to be a member to download this and I don’t see any download button. :help:

you click at the bottom where it says “Free”.

Thanks for the help hk-50 : D

Wow, thanks for uploading this! I’ll download it. :content:

I already had this exact pack for some reason :eh: The exact name and the exact files…

Yeah, I believe this is posted somewhere else on LD4all too.

great gonna listen tonight!!!

Good luck.

Once I finnish downloading it Im gonna stick it on my site for yall download. I really hate those free hosting sites. :grrr:

Ill post the link once its done.