BenDrummin58's SeaHome Party 2006! - LD4All's Largest SD

Actually it’s called the SeaHome because it is UNDER the surface of the water. And, most of the walls/ceilings/and floors are made out of glass too…so you can only imagine what the view looks like. There’s always fish and sharks and everything swimming above/below/and to the sides of you. it’s just one of my many definitions of relaxation.

btw thanks for the links to Pedro’s post and the Incubation post. Both added :smile:

This is a great idea… Your sea-home sounds awesome, I can’t wait to see it!! Please sign me up!

To Ben:

Woah we’re going to each have to find 5 or 6 people so far, when the dream starts. We may want one or two more hosts.

To Everyone:

As Ben said, we will all be doing WBTB on the 28th. We need to all start practicing it in advance if we want this party to be succesful.

You can read my article on for assistance. This article covers on how to have a 100% success rate with WBTB. As it says in the article, if you follow the technique to a T, it will work.

Best of luck.

Darxide: That won’t be a problem if everybody is able to incubate a lucid dream themselves. But otherwise…yeah it would be nice to have more hosts.

So if anybody out there who has already joined or who is going to join, and you are feeling confident, please don’t hesitate to sign up as a host :cool: There ARE rewards for doing so!

Also, thanks for the link Darxide, I’m going to put it in main post :content:

Ok…I really need everybody’s timezones before the end of this week, so that I can set a time that is most comfortable for everybody. So if you could, please post back with your current timezone. Thanks :grin:

GMT + 2 here :content:

  • 1 I’d say :open_mouth:

(GMT +1:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

that is according to Windows time =X

GMT-3 :cool:

ill sign up as a guest

my time zone is GMT -6

GMT +2 here

GMT +2 For Norway :content:

But daylight saving time makes it +2 right?
And Basilus (France) has +2 too :cool:

At this very moment it’s 1.49 anyway.

Update: I’ve added icons that you may put in your signatures (you do NOT have to if you don’t want to) that are located on the first post at the bottom. Code is there as well. I made them because for one, you can show all of LD4All that you are a part of the first Massive Shared Lucid Dream of LD4All, and two, so that this thread can be heard by all LD4All users lerking around, which will ultimately make this party a lot bigger.

Anyways… the icons right now are kind of…err…pooey; but I will update them to prettier pictures later…AND more icons will be added as well.

i think we should do these shared dreaming things more often

I just don’t understand the technical logistics of how shared dreaming would really work (outside of something mystical or occultic, which I have a strong disagreement with), it just doesn’t seem possible. I’ve also found your dreamscape (the SeaHome) fairly unbelievable. I don’t mean to question your honesty, I’m just a bit of a skeptic. Anyways, I’m still willing to give it a shot, nothing to lose right?
timezone: (same as yours :wink: ) GMT-6:00

Enamored_Spirit, why deny something that you haven’t even tried? You base your standings off of other people’s observations (none of which are scientific), which are completely biased. Most skeptics over this topic haven’t even tried to accomplish a Shared Dream. They may try once or twice, but that does no good, for shared dreaming takes skill just as Lucid Dreaming does (the skeptic’s mind has a LOT of doubt over the topic, so therefor they can’t even begin to have a Shared Dream…same thing goes for people who don’t believe in lucid dreams).

So for you, and others, to sit there and say that Shared Dreaming isn’t possible just because you don’t ‘see how it works’, only makes you not capable of having one.

Shared Dreaming cannot be proven nor denied in the scientific world. Why? Because it’s too advanced. As we stand now, we can’t even discover half of the capabilities of our minds. Just look at Remote Viewing (which was used by the United States CIA), Telekinesis, Remote Presence, Psi Balls, and Telepathy…all of these things we cannot scientifically prove, yet we are still capable of doing them. Hell, up until Stephen LaBerge, Lucid Dreams weren’t proven scientifically.

All it takes is for science to evolve, and then you and everybody else can figure out how some of these things are possible. But, until then, don’t worry about the how! Especially when you are already fully capable of just doing it!

Now…that’s all I’m going to say about the Shared Dreaming subject in this thread. I knew it was bound to come because of all the skepticism. But, I don’t want this thread, or party for that matter, to be ruined because of it. So please, if you are going to put up a fight about it, just leave. Don’t join in on something you don’t believe in.

(sorry if this post offended anybody…I’m just stating my strong opinion)

I’m a believer. I’ve actually experienced before though, so that makes believing easy for me. :wink:

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No ;_;, well I’m not resizing my avatar, so uhm, I won’t have a nice icon in my signature…

Fadem…if you have a converter and you change your avitar to a .gif, it will be much smaller in size :smile:

My avatar is a 100-JPG at the moment, it would be ok as a 95-JPG but I don’t like quality loss…