Dream Incubation

Greetings Everyone!

I have recently been very curious about the possibility of incubating dreams (non-lucid). I have seen many a mini-discussion of such but have never seen a full topic on it.

I really want to start developing the ability to incubate a dream on a particular subject, whether it be a location, object, person, whatever. Not only will this help me remember my dreams better, but I can start communicating more with my dream self with the hopes to understand when I have incubated a dream. It is my ultimate hope that I can incubate dreams on a regular basis and use them for triggers for lucidity.

I would love to hear any and all ideas and experience you have had on dream incubation and what techniques you have used.

Thanks for listening, as always.

hi i wondered what incubating means ? :blush:

stuffness was nice enough :content: to explain it to me in the chat it bassicly means u decide what to dream before falling asleep, if u ask me a waste of time since u can spend that time on practising LD and u decide what to do in the dream while ya in it :wink:

So…went to the local library today and picked up 4 books on lucid dreaming :content:

One of them includes a 30 day step by step guide to lucid dreaming called, coincidentally enough :wink: , lucid dreaming in 30 days.

the day i’m on now (skipped the two recall days since i’ve been doing it for two weeks) is called dream incubation. it says that if you think about what you want to dream about and have an object or two near your bed or wherever you sleep that you will dream about that…does anyone have any experience with this? can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but i just wanna make sure…thanks

Sometimes it works if i focus on what i want to dream then it comes up in my dream. But keep us informed about your book and if it works for you :smile:

thanks for replying! i will keep you updated as to whether it works or not. so far i’ve learned alot in just one day :content: .

does anyone have any links to online books?

(i live in a small town and the library is 50 miles from me and have no money lol)

Much Appreciated.

sorry for the double post :sad:

umm i dont have a link but go into google and type in concious dreaming online book

soz spelling lol

it should come up :smile:


Books on ludid and obe stuff:


Not all links works but some do, lots of cool books here.
happy reading.

Thanks Xetrov, that looks like a great site with lots of information :smile:


I once had a dream where a name came to me out of the blue - Franz Natkin Gimke. After reading Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss, I decided to write down the question “who is Franz Natkin Gimke?” and put it under my pillow. Unfortunately, nothing happened but I still believe in its potential to work.

acuattly my bro and cousin claim they have hade lucid dreams and that when thinking of something when trying to go to sleep will give u a dream about what u were thinking.

that can be true for some people, but for the most this doesnt work i have talked to a lot of ppl bout this and about 1/10 people can do that



If you think that dream incubation is a waste of time, you may want to check out posts by Pedro, who created the VILD technique. He incubates dreams in which he is doing reality checks. He enters the dream using WILD and then does the reality check and becomes lucid. He has had a 100% success rate.

i’m not trying to take anything away from dream incubation, i see how it could be very useful for inducing LDs. maybe i’m missing something, but i don’t see how you can say that you want to communicate with your dream self when you are preoccupied with taking it over. that’s like saying “we can talk, but only about what i wanna talk about” which is hardly communication in my opinion.

if you were trying to understand your neighbor, would you always take him out to do what YOU wanted to do, or would you do what your neighbor wanted to do–let him share what he likes to do ???

I don’t use dream incubation but if I did this is what I would do:

  1. In the morning think about what type of dream I would want. Lets say visit planet X. I would spend 5 minutes thinking about this and try to visualize. Then get out of bed and go about my day.

  2. during the day do frequent reality checks. Once I proved I am not dreaming I would then say “next time I am dreaming I will realize I am dreaming”. Then say “tonight I will visit planet x in my dreams and I will realize it is a dream.

  3. At bed time: I would put myself into a deep relaxation. Then I would try to visualize visiting planet x. As I fall asleep tell myself that I will visit planet X in my dreams and I will realize I am dreaming over and over till I fall asleep.

This is just a quick out line. I hope it helps you.

The basic I idea is that you want to keep the idea in your thoughts throughout the day and again just before bed.

It probably would also be helpful to do a session of self-hypnosis every day. If you wanted the same dream to occur every night like with Pedro, then a regular practice of self-hypnosis in which you always command yourself to have the same dream would be very effective.

Self hypnosis might work very well for dream incubation.

I have always wanted to master the technique of controlling what I dream about. Even if its not a lucid dream, it would still be nice to control what the subconcious thinks up to dream about. I am familiar with MILD and it has given me roughly 90% of all the LDs I have had so far, but the same approach doesn’t work for me when trying to get myself to dream about something specific.

I would have a mantra like "I want to dream about ________ " and I would try to visualize it as much as possible. It just doesn’t seem to penetrate into my dreams though.

  If anyone is skilled at this particilar dreaming skill, a few tips may help a bit.