the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

:welcome: hello Cerethien, welcome to the LD4all community :smile:
I love how LD4all unites dreamers from all over the globe :grouphug:

:thumbs: I’m glad that you invested in a DJ :happy: good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:
… and don’t forget to post your first LD in our DJ forum when you get it :boogie:

hey im new here i literally just signed up. one of my friends is one of the mods. I always saw him on this site and just asked him what it was about and he told me about since Im into alot of this kind of stuff. so I hope that i get the chance to learn alot from everyone here and have the chance to help others.

Heh, I have nothing to do with any of this, I swear. :whistle: :tongue:

Welcome to LD4all, TheArmorer, as well as everyone else new.

:wave: hello Chewie, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
He will be getting you to sign up to our wolfgame next :tongue:

he has already started

welcome Chewie!

Here are some articles you may find helpful.
Dream Journal’s
Dream Recall
WBTB Method’s

Also, if you want to try this, you can sign up for it! :cool:
The Omega-3 Experiment

Hello all!

I was told about this site by a friend, and decided to sign up. I’m very interested in lucid dreaming, and was happy to find out it is something you can get better at.

If you want to get better, the post above yours is what I call a starter kit. :smile:

WBTB or MILD’s are simple. Dream Journals very quickly increase your dreaming experience, and that inturn shows up on your dream recall. I suggest you check all of those articles out.

Oh! and

thanks for giving me the links. though i already know somethings about lucid dreaming. also i did look at some of those articles

:welcome: orn and chewie, I hope youll find this site useful in quest for LD’s :smile:

Orn, then you have found the right place :tongue:

good luck

Hello and :welcome: to everyone new.

Have fun. :content:

hello Orn :smile:
whenever a new member says, “I was told about this site by a friend, and decided to sign up.”
I always wonder who the friend was… :eh:

I hope you enjoy your time here and make good progress in your LD quest :content:

Hi, I am new to the LD4all fourms. Over the weekend I had 3 low level LDs. I just decided to LD right before going to bed and sure enough it worked! The last one was wierd though. I had a dream that I was using a new LD tecnique. You just focus on three chakra points in your head and your in a LD in 10 seconds ( don’t ask, I don’t even believe in Chakra or things like that) Hope that helps somebody.

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:welcome: dreamking to ld4all.

A good start with 3 low level LD’s :tongue:

I hope youll like thie site and find it useful :grin:

:wave: welcome to LD4all and congratulations on your success :boogie:


What to do with him! :plotting:

hey hi Dream King :welcome:

and have fun :thumbs:

hello, I’m new to the site, but have been having lucid dreams since I was a child. I didn’t know they were a big deal, or that not everybody has them. I’m hoping to become even more advanced by talking to other dreamers. Thanks so much for giving people the chance to group into a community! :smile:

This forum is very different from any other I’ve seen. You feel much more like you know the people in it.

If you need anything, just PM me! :wink:

:wave: hello camomile, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

I think the main thing that natural LDers get from being on the forum is ideas for how to increase what they do in lucid dreams and the challenge of completing set goals … either personal LD goals, the official LD4all quest or the lucid challenge competition goals in the adventures forum :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time here :grin: